My Christmas Decor…Updated Traditional Rustic Vintage

Last year I convinced my hubby to buy all manner of Christmas decor, knowing that things would be a lot tighter this year, with much more of our budget going to buy gifts for Baby Girl. I had fully planned on reusing the same decorations this year, but the Pinterest fairy struck and I was dying to try something new instead. It all started when I found some great red and green chevron fabric that I made a banner out of for our Christmas picture background. I hated for it to go to waste…so I redid our Christmas decorations around the fabric. I call it “Updated Rustic Traditional meets Collected Vintage.” 🙂

For the past couple years my Christmas colors have been white and silver with cobalt blue accents, so changing to red and green without having to buy all new decorations was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately I was still able to use a lot of the decor that I already had, so I didn’t have to dip too far into the Christmas budget. 🙂 For the front door I reused the wreath I had made for fall…I just took off the fall colored flowers and added bows made out of the chevron fabric, along with some fake holly berries that I found in one of my boxes of decorations.

I love the look of these big, loopy bows…super easy to make! I’ll show you how in a later post. 🙂

Our tree is the same pre-lit one we bought when Chris and I were first married. I still absolutely love it. I used most of the same ornaments (that’s the great thing about a white/snowflake theme…goes with anything!), adding a smattering of red balls that I bought at Walmart for about six dollars to tie in with my new color scheme.

And yes, I bought the red and silver wrapping paper because it matched my theme. We needed more anyway…

The two places where I really departed from my usual decor were the mantle and the console table by the front door.

Here is where most of the new stuff appears. I did buy everything that sits on top of the mantle…but with Hobby Lobby’s half-off Christmas sale all through December the total really wasn’t bad :). The ribbon around the grapevine wreath should be easy to remove, and I just pinned the fabric on some foam cones to make the trees, so that is all reusable as well. The lanterns were the biggest splurge…my hubby found them half off at Lowe’s. They were eight dollars a piece, but have LED lights on a timer and are classic enough for me to use year-round. I consider them a great investment. 🙂 I’m slightly obsessed with the chalkboard sign trend, but wanted to try it out before I commit to making a real chalkboard part of my everyday decor. For this sign I used black foam board and one of those chalkboard markers that comes off with water (it’s what all the restaurants use to make their bistro signs). It took some practice and a bit of erasing, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I even like how my mistakes just make it look more like an authentic chalkboard that’s been erased a few times. 🙂 The only things that are the same here are the garland (that thankfully already had red berries) and the stockings, although Charlotte’s of course is new. My mom made Chris and Charlotte’s to go with the one my grandma made me when I was a baby…aren’t they fabulous?

I just hung the chevron banner I had already made underneath the garland, and voila! Instant update! 🙂

I’ve always put my Christmas village on the console table, and probably will again at some point, but this year I wanted to try something new. I have a beautiful collection of angels from my grandmother that I wanted to display more prominently this year, so I decided to try a “collected vignette” (thank you Pinterest…without you I wouldn’t even know what that was).

Unlike the mantle, everything in this display is something I already had. The wreath hung on our front door in previous years (it’s off-center because the picture that usually hangs here has two hooks and I was too lazy to put another hook in the center…I actually really like the look). I found the empty frames in the guestroom closet at my parents’…they used to hold pictures of my dad when he was little. I was going to repaint them, but decided I liked the patina, so I just cleaned the dust off with a microfiber rag. I have a feeling these will become a permanent addition to my everyday decor.

My grandmothers angels sit front and center (with a few Willow Tree additions) on a tray I’ve had for years. The doily is one my grandma made.

I gave my much-used hurricane glass candle holder a holiday makeover by adding some epsom salt, burlap, twine, and holly berries, all of which I had on hand.  The runner is more of the chevron banner combined with burlap and red velvet ribbon. I used to use the little sled in my classroom decorations, but it gets a new home here with an adorable penguin rider my dear friend gave me last year. I love the effect, and love even more that it didn’t cost me a dime!

Last but not least, I did a very simple tablescape that hopefully is small and low enough that it won’t have to be moved every time we use the table. Holly berries and LED tea lights on Epsom salt “snow” sitting on another banner/burlap/red ribbon runner…simple and Christmasy, without being too formal.

I’m so excited about our Christmas decorations this year. Of course all Charlotte cares about are the packages under the tree. 🙂

How about you? Do you like to decorate the same way every year, or do you change it up? Even if you don’t want to buy anything new, I encourage you to use what you already have in a new way. It will help you see the beauty and be content with what you own! At least that’s what it did for me…

One thought on “My Christmas Decor…Updated Traditional Rustic Vintage

  1. Very nice! You're very artistically talented. I love the candles especially. Your family is blessed to have you as the wife and momma! 🙂 Looking forward to the post about making the bows.


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