Mommy Lesson # 34: Babies find cardboard to be quite tasty

I didn’t get a chance to write about this lesson when it happened, since I was too busy baking, cleaning, and generally preparing for company. Then Christmas happened, which was full of all the joy and magic that a baby’s first Christmas should have, but also didn’t allow much time for blogging. But it was just too good a lesson not to share, so here it is.

I spent the week leading up to Christmas making all sorts of goodies that I had pinned on Pinterest… far more than we could ever eat. I had to do most of my baking while Charlotte was awake, and since she likes to have me in her sights at all times that meant keeping her strapped in her high chair in the kitchen. To keep her from getting bored and fussy I gave her a variety of bowls, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc. to play with. Then I had the bright idea to hand her the empty carton that the cream cheese had come in. She squealed in delight at this new toy, happily closing and opening the flap and banging it up and down on her tray. I turned back to my mixer for a moment, and when I turned around again I noticed a bite had been taken out of the container.

Notice the jagged bite mark…she really worked on this

I looked around for the cardboard piece that she had somehow managed to gnaw off, checking under her chair and on her seat. Nothing. Than I looked closer at my sweet baby’s mouth, and noticed she was chewing on something, much like a cow chews its cud. In horror I pried her jaws open and pulled out a soggy lump of the box. I wasn’t at all confident that was all of it, and sure enough after further investigation found another wad that she had tucked between her cheek and gum, saving it for later I imagine.

Those lumps of paper are what I pulled out of her mouth

I had no idea that my adorable daughter would be able to, sans teeth, tear a bite out of a cardboard box. This lesson definitely proves why breastfeeding can be painful! There’s some serious power in those jaws!

“See Mommy, all I needed was something to teethe on. All you gave me was that box, so what else was I supposed to do?”

Seems like most of my mommy lessons come when I am trying to distract my baby so that I can get something else accomplished. I wish I could devote all my time and attention to my bouncing bundle of joy, but that’s not practical for me or healthy for her. Still, there’s got to be a way to get my daily tasks done without risking Charlotte doing herself bodily harm. Guess I’m still waiting for those eyes in the back of my head to grow in.

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