Loopy bow tutorial

I know I promised to give directions for making the loopy bow I used on my Christmas wreath for the front door. I use this same method to make hair bows for Charlotte. It’s the easiest bow you will ever make, I promise. I got the original directions from this blog (found on Pinterest of course).

You’ll need:
– a piece of felt
– glue gun
– ruler
– sharp scissors

Start by marking a 4 inch strip along the long side of the felt sheet. Cut it off, and you should have a rectangle that is 4″ by 12″ (if you are using the standard size felt sheet).

Fold the sheet in half and hot glue the edges together. When you finish you should have a folded strip that is 2″ by 12″.

Starting at the folded edge, cut along the length of the strip to make the loops. You can make them as narrow or wide as you want. If you really want to be picky about them all being the same size you could measure and mark the felt first, but who has the patience for that? I just eyeballed it. Make sure you cut as close as you can to the edge, but if you cut all the way through it will be ruined, so be careful! I usually try to glue as close as I can to the edge so that the dried glue acts as “scissor stop.”

Once you’ve cut all the loops, put a dot of hot glue on one end and start rolling. Continue to add dots of glue as you roll to keep the bow together. Make sure you glue the end down.

That’s it! Easy-peasy! Add a hair clip to the back and you have an adorable bow for you or your baby’s hair. You could also make it a pin for your lapel or to decorate your purse strap. The possibilities are endless! I gave several of these away to my my friends and family as gifts this Christmas.

In order to make the bow out of regular fabric, follow the same steps. The bow will be a bit floppier, so you may want to make the loops a bit wider. The longer the strip, the bigger the bow will be obviously, so you may want to play around with the size a bit (I think my strips were about 24 inches long for the wreath bows). I also used pinking shears to cut the loops to help keep them from fraying.

I hope this inspires you to try to make one yourself. It literally takes all of five minutes, maybe ten if you decide to measure out the loop widths. I will warn you though, it is very addicting. You will find yourself looking for scraps of fabric or maybe cutting up some old curtains in order to make more. 🙂

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