Kitchen re-organization part 3: The Command Center (because although the kitchen is the heart of the home, it can also be a war zone).

In my dream house my kitchen will have a built-in desk, surrounded by shelves, drawers and cupboards to organize and conceal all the paper clutter – bills, schedules, phone lists, invitations, children’s art work…it will all have a home.

However, since I am striving to be content in the house we have, to make it my dream home of the moment, I decided there must be a way to have better paperwork organization right now. We have a home office, but it’s tucked away in our back bedroom. I needed my “command center” (according to Pinterest that’s what it’s called) to be in a central location. I decided the perfect spot would be in an unused corner of the dining nook (we don’t have a separate dining room, just a tiled extension of the kitchen).

There wasn’t really room for a desk and chair, plus I needed something that would give me some extra kitchen storage. My husband did the research and found the perfect piece of furniture. It was billed as an entry console, but I’ve renamed it our “sideboard.” It fits just right, with shelf space for my cookbooks and binders and even came with bins where I’ve stashed paper plates, napkins, plastic forks, etc.

I found this nifty set of drawers at Hobby Lobby (don’t you just love their 50% sales?) which works great to organize our receipts, sticky notes, and stamps. This adorable cow milk pitcher (thanks Megan!) holds scissors and writing utensils, with a separate pail for chalk. I want to put some decorations on the top too, but I’m not sure what yet. Stay tuned. 🙂

My junk drawer moved here, where I have a lot more space for birthday candles, extra batteries, notecards, masking tape…all the miscellaneous stuff that has to go somewhere.

Since you have a clear sight line from the front door to the command center, I decided to hang some family photos on the wall that faces the door. I have an idea for one more piece of artwork to fill in some of the empty space above the pictures, but I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. I put the other wall that is not so visible to more practical use.

I’m so happy with how it turned out…all very useful items but neatly arranged so it doesn’t look messy. I’ll show you how I made the framed B and the chalkboard in a later post. I found a free printable 2013 calendar on Pinterest (check out my Organizing board if you want it) that I dressed up a bit with a “wooden” frame (my hubby found the frame on clearance at Target for $2…he’s such a great deal hunter :)). I bought a cork board at my favorite craft store (you know the one) which I covered in burlap to make a bulletin board. The hanging file bins are from Target. They house our bills in the top half and other important paperwork (mostly tax related right now) in the bottom.

I’m so excited about my new command center. It also serves as a one-stop mail sorting center – bills go in the hanging bin, reminders and notes on the bulletin board…even credit card applications have their own special place (notice the shredder next to the sideboard :)).

What are your organization solutions for taming all that paper clutter? Do you have a built-in desk in your kitchen, or did you have to get creative like me? I’d love to see pictures of your spaces!

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