Command Center DIY Projects – Because even a general needs a framed monogram and a cute chalkboard

As promised, here are a some super simple tutorials for a couple of projects I made for my command center.

Project #1: the chalkboard

Did you know they sell a 2ft by 4ft chalkboard at Home Depot? It’s not framed or anything, but it was exactly what I needed. I had fully intended to buy a piece of MDF and paint it with chalkboard paint myself, so I was thrilled when the very helpful sales associate pointed this out to me. I knew the exact dimensions I wanted, so they even cut it to size for me on their huge saw. You have to buy the whole piece of board (I think it was $11 with tax) so I saved the two pieces that were cut off to use for two more projects (details to come :)). Here’s how I finished my noteboard:

– Chalkboard
– drill
– twine
– regular chalk
– pencil
– ruler
– chalk marker (wet erase)

Step 1: Season the board
I’m sure you know this, but if you don’t season a brand new chalkboard before you write on it the first words you write will always show up, even after to multiple erasings.  To season the board, simply rub chalk all over it (use the chalk long side down and it won’t take long at all) then erase with a piece of felt or a chalkboard eraser.

Step 2: Make it pretty
I didn’t want to get too fancy, but I thought a simple border would help dress it up and make up for the lack of a frame. I used a ruler and a pencil to mark the lines, then went over it with a wet erase chalk marker. I like the chalk marker because you can erase over it as many times as you want and it will stay until you wipe it off with water (if you have to wash your chalkboard make sure to season it again before you use it).

Step 3: Make a hanger
My handy hubby drilled two holes in the top of the chalkboard eight inches apart. I threaded some twine through then tied a knot at the top. I used a 3M hook to hang it from the wall, then adjusted the knot a bit in order to get the board to hang exactly where I wanted it to. I secured the bottom with two more clear hooks so that it doesn’t swing back and forth when you try to write on it.

Step 4: Use it!
I love having a place to write reminders, notes to my hubby, and list events that are coming up during the week. I just use regular chalk for the notes since I change them up all the time, but if you want to write a more permanent message you could also use a chalk marker.

Project #2: The Framed monogram

 According to Pinterest, decorating with monograms is all the rage. I made my own version with materials I picked up at Hobby Lobby for half price.

– Frame (you won’t need the glass)
– Large letter (they sell these in all sorts of finishes…I chose a metal one that I thought would contrast nicely with the rustic frame and fabric)
– Fabric (I used burlap)
– Glue gun
– Craft glue

This project was a bit of a trial and error…hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

Step 1: Attach the burlap to the back of the frame
I made the mistake of trying to wrap the burlap around the frame back and then glue it, but it wouldn’t fit back in the frame. I started again, this time cutting the burlap to the exact size of the frame back and gluing it to the front. This worked much better (I used hot glue).

Step 2: Attach the letter to the fabric-covered frame back
Another mistake here – I tried to hot glue it, but the letter was much too heavy and the glue just didn’t hold. I tried again with craft glue, made sure I gave it an ample amount of drying time, and it worked just fine.

 Step 3: Hang it up!
My hubby helped with this step…I planned on using a 3M hook but it didn’t fit through the picture hanger on the back, so Chris just hammered in a regular picture hook.

That’s it! So easy I hesitate to even call these tutorials :). I absolutely love that my command center is both functional and nice to look at.

Have you ever made a note board or a monogram for the wall? How did you do it? Any tips or tricks?

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