Mommy lesson #43: Reality may be vastly different from what you pictured in your head. Sometimes it’s much better that way.

So I seem to have taken a brief hiatus from my blog. I think it’s been about a week and a half since my last post, which means I failed to meet my goal of posting at least weekly this year. But hey, that’s the thing about goals…when you don’t quite make them you can try again. So here we go.
This past week has been a busy one, what with hosting Easter lunch combined with my parents here for an extended stay. A lot was accomplished, though naturally it didn’t all turn out exactly the way I’d envisioned. I’m slowly learning that’s ok. Here’s a list of some things I had on my to-do list that didn’t quite go the way I’d planned:

– Homemade popovers
I had ambitions of making cheesy rolls from scratch, but instead ended up buying frozen Sister Schubert rolls and sticking them in the oven just before we served lunch. I’m pretty sure the Gruyere popovers would have been tastier, but the pre-made ones were very good and saved me loads of stress. I somehow doubt our local Wally World carries gourmet French cheese, and does anyone even sell popover pans these days?

– Charlotte’s first Easter basket

I did put together an Easter basket for Baby Girl, though the contents were pretty sad. I really didn’t want to spend much or get her many gifts since we’re less than a month away from her birthday, and she doesn’t need anything. I ended up with a stuffed chick (40% off at Hobby Lobby), bunny ears, and a light-up ball found in the bargain bins at Target. My mom added a stuffed bunny and some bubbles. She wasn’t a fan of wearing the bunny ears, but loved to hold them and got a kick out of seeing them on other people’s heads. She even liked the chick (she’s not a huge fan of stuffed animals yet, maybe because she’s used to our real puppy dog. Animals that just sit there without moving or making noise are pretty boring). The biggest hit, however, was the light-up bouncy ball. Our friend Sam has one that she is fascinated by, so I knew she would love it. It has a nubby texture and is kind of squishy…hours of entertainment for $3. I call that a win, even though it wasn’t the stuffed-full basket I’d imagined.

– Charlotte’s first Easter egg hunt

I was kind of hoping Charlotte would be walking by now, so we could have had a real outdoor Easter egg hunt. But though she is mastering all the pre-walking skills (pulling up, cruising, walking behind a push toy) she has yet to take those crucial first steps. So our Easter egg hunt happened in our living room. She loved it. She had a lot of help, of course, but once she figured out she was supposed to find the eggs she was off like a shot. We had stuffed them with puffs and yogurt melts, but she was content to just grab each egg and shake it, delighting in the rattle. Ah, the small things. Why can’t we all find that kind of excitement in such little joys?

I’m sure there are more examples, but Sweetums is up from her nap and overly interested in what Mommy is doing, so I’d best post this before she finds the power button. I hope you were able to enjoy your Easter, whether or not it went exactly according to plan. Especially if it didn’t. 🙂

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