Nursery update: part 2, the closet (AKA the cave of mysteries)

Charlotte’s first birthday is Wednesday, so I’m changing up the blog format this week. I’ll post my practical blog entry today, and save my mommy musings for Baby Girl’s big day. 🙂

Thank you for all the great feedback on my first nursery update post! I love how the gutter shelving turned out, and it sounds like you all did too! I plan on writing a post with more detailed instructions on how to assemble the shelves for those of you who want to tackle this project (I need to consult with my contractor…AKA my daddy first).

Today I thought I’d show you how my hubby and I fixed the other problem spot in the nursery…the closet. Outgrown clothes, unused baby equipment, three breast pumps…oh my! Contrary to my organized nature, I’d spent the past eleven months shoving everything we no longer needed for Charlotte into her closet, with the following results:

There is some semblance of order here, but the problem is that the items that are easy to get to are not things that I used anymore. I still had all of her receiving blankets, her swaddlers, even her bobby within easy reach, but had no place for her shoes or next season’s clothing. The bins I had used to store clothing in the next size up were too small, so I was just piling clothes on top of them. I had diaper and wipes boxes stacked willy-nilly on top of each other, so that when I needed more diapers I had to move the whole stack to get to them. Not super efficient.
Here’s the revamp:

We started by emptying out the whole closet and sorting through, in true “Clean House” fashion, into piles of keep, store in closet, store in attic, and get rid of. I ended up keeping most everything (you know, for the next time :)) but relegating items that we no longer needed to either the top shelf of the closet or the attic.

Remember the cubby shelf that used to sit where the gutter shelving is now? Here it is in its’ new home. I’m using it to store extra blankets, bows, diaper bags, and shoes, but there is still plenty of empty storage on it which is great, since I know we will need it soon for toys.

The shelf above it used to hold a random assortment of books, pumping supplies (?!! I haven’t pumped in six months) and other flotsam and jetsam. Now it holds a clear bin full of “keepsake” clothing, extra wipes and diapers, (since we buy these in bulk we need lots of easy to access storage for them) and two bins of burp cloths and bibs (we go through so many of these now that “real food” is in the picture :)). Her special occaision clothing and extra hangers are hanging on the bar above (yes, I know we have a heck of a lot of empty hangers, but I’m hording them in anticipation of consigning at Rea Lana’s some day :)).

In the other corner of the closet we stacked boxes of outgrown clothes, all sorted and labeled by size and season (I would have loved to use plastic bins instead of ugly diaper boxes, but diaper boxes are free and plentiful and it’s not like they are on display in my house). We also have some toys stored here that she’s outgrown.

Since the plastic bins I had been using for the next size up clothing were too small, I switched to these big canvas bins I found at Target. I labeled them with vinyl chalk labels (sorry they are hard to read). Since Baby Girl is blessed with very generous grandmas who like to make sure she is well supplied with next season outfits, we have an abundance of 18 and 24 mo clothes (Rea Lana may have something to do with that as well :)).

I decided to hang all the dresses and outfits (shorts, skirts, and tops go in the canvas bins) on one bar, separated by ring labels (tutorial to come :)).

And that’s it! Not a dramatic difference to look at maybe, but trust me, this is a HUGE improvement in function and accessibility.
Many thanks to my wonderful spouse whose help with pulling everything out, stacking boxes, and running interference with Little Britches was invaluable. 🙂 (The tricky part of nursery organizing is that you can’t exactly do it while the baby is napping).
Here it is again, before:


 And after! I hope you are inspired to tackle some of those oh-so-easily-cluttered closets. I promise you it will be worth it!

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