Mommy mess-ups: Part 2

As I said last week, I have had many less-than-stellar mommy moments over the past year. Having just been honored and pampered and spoiled yesterday by my loving husband and sweet baby girl, I hesitated on whether I should continue to display my parenting failings for all the blogsphere to see. But I decided hey, what is a mommy blog without equal parts truth and reality? Hopefully the following will bring a smile to your face and maybe a nod of sympathy and understanding, or even a chuckle as you recall a similar experience. At least I hope I’m not the only one who’s made these mistakes.

Extreme Sippy Cup Training
A few weeks ago we started trying to teach Charlotte how to use a sippy cup. We tried all the tips – filling it with water only, trying different types of cups and nipples, making the cup available to her at all times – but no matter what we tried she really wasn’t interested. To her the sippy was simply another toy to shake, bang, and water the carpet with. Then came the day of her one year photo shoot. The weather was in the high seventies, with sun shining brightly and a warm but stiff breeze blowing. We tried several different locations which involved rides in the car and the stroller, as well as a couple wardrobe changes and different props. The entire session lasted about two and a half hours. When we got back to the car I was very hot and thirsty. While guzzling down the water I’d left in the car, I realized guiltily that I had not offered my darling child anything to drink. We’d brought her sippy cup with us, but with all the distractions of trying to capture the perfect picture, I’d completely forgotten to give it to her. As soon as Baby Girl was buckled into her car seat I handed her the cup. She grabbed it eagerly and proceeded to down about half its contents in a few big gulps. She wouldn’t let it go either, so I let her hold it during the ride back home. When we got out and I retrieved her sippy it was completely empty. She has not had a problem with drinking from her sippy cup since. NOTE: I do NOT advocate bringing your child to the brink of dehydration in order to get her to drink from a sippy cup. I’m sure there are many methods that are less severe. I suggest you Google it.

A Tasty Treat
We’ve had a pretty unusual spring here…as has most of the country I’ve gathered. We’ve had temps in the seventies and eighties, only to turn around and experience freezing temperatures and even snow a day later (I thought I was done with nine months of winter after I moved away from Colorado…apparently not). Anyway, after a long spell of cold weather last month the sun finally came out and warmed up the air enough for us to enjoy a walk around our neighborhood. Charlotte was as delighted as I was with the sunshine and change of scenery, babbling away in her stroller and pointing to all the pretty flowers. She was especially taken with the dandelions. On impulse I decided to pick one out of the yard we were passing (I’m sure they didn’t mind) and hand it to her. She grabbed it enthusiastically, chirping and squealing, and began tearing off the petals (as she does to all flowers. She has some destructive tendencies I’m afraid.) When we got back to the house I bent down to unbuckle Sweetness and pull her out of the stroller when I noticed a bright yellow stain around her mouth. I looked for the dandelion remains, to no avail. Yep, she’d eaten it. Sigh. At least I know the weeds are edible. I can only pray that this particular plant hadn’t been sprayed with the ubiquitous weed killer that had yellow flowers drooping all over the neighborhood. I haven’t noticed any ill-effects.

When Obedience Leads to a Downfall
As I’ve written before, we decided to work on disciplining Charlotte early. I am happy to report that it seems to be working. It’s been weeks since she’s tried to push the buttons on the DVD player, and she quickly reacts by backing away or dropping her hand when we tell her “no touch.” However, we both had to learn the hard way that mommy needs to be careful about how she phrases her commands for obedience.
For her birthday we bought Little Britches an arm chair that is just her size. She absolutely loves it. I think it really makes her feel like a big girl to have her own seat. The first day she got it, however, she took some rather scary tumbles off the back and over the arm. Chris and I decided we needed to to teach her right away that chairs are for sitting, not standing, and certainly are not to be used as a jungle gym. It only took a couple of days of constantly repeating “sit down” for her to grasp the concept. Still, she occasionally tests the boundaries.  One afternoon I was sitting on the couch reading while Baby Girl played on her chair. I glanced up to see her standing up backwards on the chair, facing me, trying to reach the remote that was sitting on the ottoman. I immediately commanded her to “SIT DOWN.” She obeyed instantly. Unfortunately, since she was facing backward in the chair, when she sat down her bottom hit the edge of the seat, causing her to somersault backward out of the chair and onto the floor. As I gathered my now wailing child into my arms I vowed that I would first teach her to “turn around” before telling her to “sit down.”

And there you have it. A few more examples of mommy lessons learned the hard way. It is certainly by God’s grace that neither one of us have had any lasting injuries or permanent scars, though I’m sure those will come as my sweet daughter continues to become bolder, more sure on her feet, and more tenacious in her explorations. Please pray with me that her guardian angels will keep up better than I can.

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