Mommy lesson #46: Teething is tramatic, and eating is complicated (especially when baby has a sweet tooth)

It feels like Charlotte has been slow to get her teeth. She popped two bottom teeth through around eight months, then one more at eleven months, all on the bottom. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t ever be able to eat anything crunchy, which was a problem because she was starting to reject baby food (Miss Independent wants to feed herself, but can’t be trusted yet with the spoon). Of course my fears were unfounded, as she now has a mouthful of teeth on the top and bottom with more coming on the sides any time.

 Of course my sweet Baby Girl couldn’t pass the teething milestone without plenty of drama. The worst happened Mother’s Day weekend (naturally) when we were out of town visiting my parents (of course). We got to Broken Arrow about nine pm and spent a few minutes visiting before putting Little Britches down. As she was being passed around everyone agreed she felt really warm. I thought she was just overheated from being in the carseat, but decided to go ahead and check her temp anyway. As the number climbed past 100 I felt guilty for not checking it sooner. As it kept climbing past 101 I began to get worried. When the numbers turned over to 102 and kept changing panic set in. Here we were, two hours from home and our regular pediatrician on a Friday night. She wasn’t showing any symptoms beyond the super high temp, but surely there must be something terribly wrong. I begged Chris to call the nurse hotline, but when all he got were several voicemail boxes I decided to call my cousin. She and her husband are both nurses who work for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Thankfully I got a hold of her, and she talked me down, explaining that yes, high temps can be associated with teething, that being in the carseat probably contributed, and I should try to cool her down by undressing her, giving a cool bath, and administering baby Advil and Tylenol. My brother, who also has medical training and is a certified nurse’s assistant, got a cool washcloth to bathe her with. Unfortunately she reacted like we were trying to dunk her in an ice bath, completely freaking out and screaming her head off. We finally got her calmed down and relaxed enough to sleep. We put her in our room so that we could monitor her throughout the night. Her temp stayed down and she slept fine. I, on the other hand, woke at ever murmur and rustle and felt like I’d been over by a mac truck in the morning. A week later she had popped through four teeth. Oy.

Feeding my darling daughter is also getting harder. I was a super picky eater as a kid (which I’ve mentioned before) so I’m pretty worried that Baby Girl will be the same way. So far she’s been pretty good about trying new things and eating a variety of different foods, but it’s not easy to come up with new menu items on a regular basis. I myself tend to eat the same thing day in and day out, so giving C a varied diet has been a challenge. And then there’s the problem of veggies. As I said she’s not a big fan of baby food anymore (she tends to start pushing the spoon away after a few bites, or worse, taking a mouthful and then blowing raspberries, spraying food all over herself, her tray, and me). I’ve tried giving her small chunks of steamed veggies, but she’s just not a big fan, even when I add salt and butter (don’t judge, I’m getting desperate here people). My friend suggested I try the squeeze pouches that she can hold and suck baby food out of. They seem to work pretty well. She loves being able to feed herself, and it’s comforting to know she’s getting at least some veggies in her diet (although many of the pouches are fruit/veggie blends…I’ll be happy with anything at this point). Meat is another difficulty. She tends to take a bite of shredded chicken or whatever and then throw the rest on the floor (Elphie loves this technique. Me…not so much). I’ve tried spreading some garlic hummus on lunch meat, which has worked ok. She does try to just lick the hummus off, but I think she gets at least a few mouthfuls of meat with this method. Sigh.

 I love that she’s done with formula (thankful to drop that expense from the grocery budget) but it sure was easier when I could just give her four bottles, six ounces each, and know for sure that she’s getting the right amount of nutrients. Oh well. At least she loves fruit. She could eat a whole container of raspberries, and positively vibrates with anticipation when she sees me start to peel a banana. I’m afraid Sweetness may have a bit of a sweet tooth. 🙂

One thought on “Mommy lesson #46: Teething is tramatic, and eating is complicated (especially when baby has a sweet tooth)

  1. You are doing a fabulous job! What a cute little girl! Veggies are a battle for us, too. My baby won't eat very many but he does love grape tomatoes (cut up, of course). I give him lots of fruit because he'll eat it (exclaims “nana” with excitement when I get near the fruit bowl :-). I sneak veggies into things, like spaghetti sauce, enchiladas, etc. I also struggle with easy meal ideas…find myself giving him chunks of cheese, turkey, crackers, and fruit for lunch a lot.


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