Happy Summer!

Even the weather finally agrees, summer is here! I’ve already had my first sunburn to prove it! Yes, I know the official start date is still a week or so away, but with schools out, pools open, and temperatures soaring I’m declaring it official. Of course as an ever-impatient seasonal decorator my home’s decor reflected the change of season last week, when we were still experiencing the thunderstorms and cooler temps of late spring. I resolved not to do too much overhauling or spend too much money, since my “home” budget got spent (and then some) on my recent laundry room update (post to come, I promise!). So I pulled out what I’d gotten last summer, collected some warm-weathery decor from around the house, and bought a packet of scrapbook paper to change up the colors (I went with blue, yellow, and a hint of red).

I made this wreath out of fabric scraps and the scrapbook paper pack I bought. I thought about just using the taupe linen, but decided it needed a hit of color. The red fabric is left-over from Baby Girl’s 4th of July outfit, made by my mom (it’s the cutest thing ever…can’t wait to put her in it and take a zillion pictures!) I’ll do a proper tutorial on how to make the paper rosettes when I get a chance.
It was with a heavy heart that I took a wet rag to the chalkboard and erased Charlotte’s first year “stats.” Here’s one last pic:

To set an easy-going tone with my summer chalkboard I decided just to make a list of a bunch of things that remind me of summer.

I changed up the bunting for one made with summery colors. I used a bunch of “oceany” accessories, but I didn’t want to go too over the top. Rather than trying to make you feel like you’d stepped into a beach cottage, I tried more for a collection of souvenirs that you might bring back with you after a trip to the seashore. Did I put too much thought into the back story for my tableau? Probably.

I left the runner that I’d made out of burlap and lace for spring, and added the lantern from the spring mantle, a pail of river rocks, fish dish I bought on clearance last year from Pottery Barn, the abide sign I made, and scattered some shells and fake coral (also from PB) around. Here’s a little trick…I didn’t have nearly enough sand to fill the big pail, so I wedged a round plastic container face down in the bottom. It filled up about two-thirds of the space. I poured in just enough sand to cover the container, put some shells and sand dollars on top, and voila!

As a twist on the canning jar candle holder, I cut out a circle of scrapbook paper for the top, filled each jar (bought for C’s birthday party, but already being used over and over in my decor) with some sand, and stuck a sand dollar inside (I collected these sand dollars when I was thirteen, during the New England portion of our year-long trip. So glad I saved them!)

For the mantle I just went simple, another bunting for the shutters, some burlap-wrapped candles, and an apothecary jar full of sand and shells. Since our anniversary is in July I thought a wedding picture would be appropriate.

I lined three more mason jars with scrapbook paper, tied some twine around the tops, and stuck some silk flowers inside as an added summery touch.

The kitchen table got a simple update with a pitcher full of surprisingly real looking paper flowers I found at Hobby Lobby, and yet another triangle bunting (sick if them yet? I’m getting there) 🙂

So what about you? Do you like to decorate for summer, or do you take a break from the season decorating until the fall and winter holidays roll back around?

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