It’s beginning to look a lot like fall (finally!)

A few weeks ago my family visited a local corn maze and pumpkin patch. We only ventured to wander through the children’s maze (since we had Baby Girl with us and she was determined to lead the way) and the petting zoo was kind of a bust (the donkey bites) but the pumpkin patch was amazing!! The patch we visited last year was more like “we bought these pumpkins at Walmart and spread them out in our field to give you a picturesque setting,” but this pumpkin patch was the real deal. There were thousands of gourds and pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, actually growing on vines, there for the picking! I went a little nuts, and ended up with armloads of the suckers. I came home and immediately went into full on fall decorating mode. Unfortunately, although the calendar said fall had officially begun, the weather was still stuck on mild, balmy and sunny (not that I’m complaining!). Still, I felt a bit odd sharing my fall decor while we were all still wearing tank tops and shorts. But this morning dawned gray, rainy and cold, the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up with a blanket, cup of hot cinder and a good book. It seems that fall weather has finally arrived outside my house as well as inside it!

Autumn is my very favorite season, and I absolutely LOVE decorating for it, but this year I really tried not to go crazy buying new decorations, instead just using what I already had in new ways. I tend to always put my seasonal decor in the same spots, which I’m ok with, as long as it doesn’t always look the same from year to year. πŸ™‚ For my entry table I used some old books, a glass container and dried fall arrangement that I’ve had forever, a plaid dish towel my MIL gave me last year, my door wreath from a couple years ago, the copper kettle I recently inherited, and a small collection of owls (I stole one from my daughter’s room…she won’t miss it).

I found this quote by Emily Bronte for the chalkboard that completely captures my feelings about fall foliage (I find the dramatic colored leaves as awe-inspiring as the most fantastic fireworks show) and wrote it using a wet-erase chalk marker.

My mantle is also a simple collection of things I had on hand. I reused the white pitcher from my summer table, switching out the pretty yellow wildflowers for some (fake but pretty) orange leaves. The “tree” is the same one I used for C’s first birthday photo tree, with scrapbook paper leaves (I meant to make more, but ran out of steam…oh well). The green glass owl is from last year’s entry table, and we bought the lanterns (complete with pretty LED candles) on clearance last year also. The gourds are real, chosen and gathered by my whole family (I wish I knew a way to preserve them!). I made the fall leaf garland using scrapbook paper, ribbon, and a template made from clipart.

For my kitchen table I pulled out this wooden toolbox (purchased at HL, it had been holding books on the bottom of my entry table) and filled it with more pumpkins and gourds (I padded the bottom with plastic bags and covered them with burlap to help keep the gourds at the top of the box). The lanterns were also ones I already had, and the runner has been a favorite for years (I think I got it at Target).

I did make one new purchase…Just couldn’t resist this lovely velvet pumpkin (bought at HL for 40% off, so that makes it ok right?). What can I say…I’m a sucker for a pretty pumpkin (if you think hard I’m sure you can figure out why). πŸ™‚
I also made a new wreath for my door…but I hear Baby Girl stirring so I guess that tutorial will have to wait for another day.
What about you? Has fall arrived yet, or did you skip right to winter (shiver, I’m so sorry CO peeps!)

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