A Simple Fall Wreath Tutorial

I almost didn’t make a fall wreath this year. I really tried to just reuse my fall decorations from last year as an attempt to stick to my decorating budget. 🙂 In the end though, I decided the front door really needed something special. After all, it’s the first thing visitors see before they come into my home, and I want them to feel welcome! I tried to keep it cheap and simple, and it was super easy to do! It took me about one nap time (two hours). 🙂

– Wreath form (I re-used an old one that was already wrapped in cream colored linen)
– Burlap ribbon (I had this on hand, but I’m pretty sure I got it at HL last year)
– Fake flowers and bittersweet berries (40% off at HL)
– Fake pumpkins (also HL)
– Brown ribbon
– Scrapbook paper

Step 1: Wrap your wreath form in fabric and burlap

I just added the burlap on top of the fabric, securing it on the back with a florist pin so that I could easily remove it (I’m all about reusing this wreath!)

Step 2: Add the flowers and berries

I simply cut the bunches of berries and flowers apart, then tucked the stems into the burlap, securing with florist pins where needed.

Step 3: Garnish with pumpkins

The pumpkins I got had long stems on the bottom, so I just tucked them into the burlap so they are easy to remove.

Step 4: Add a banner

I originally made two banners to say “Happy Fall,” but they were too big. I decided just to put “FALL” (though I might change it to “THANKS” closer to November). I wrote the letters free-hand with permanent marker, and strung them on a gingham ribbon I already had.

There you are! A simple, homemade wreath to celebrate the season and make your guests feel at home.

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