A story, a dream, and a promise


 I want to share a story with you today. Maybe you’ve heard it already, but it’s such an amazing testimony to God’s sovereignty and grace you really can’t hear it enough.

This is a true story is about a little girl named Polina. Polina is smart and spunky, full of life and a driving determination. Like all little girls she had hopes and dreams, but hers were a bit different from the average child’s. Polina wished for a family. A mama and daddy to love her no matter what. You see Polina lived in an orphanage in a country that is very distant from ours, in lots of ways. Because Polina had some physical and health challenges the odds of her ever being adopted were almost non-existent. Thankfully we know a loving God who doesn’t deal in odds. Through His grace Kendra and Jason Skaggs from Northwest Arkansas learned about Polina. After much prayer they decided that God wanted them to make Polina part of their family. Jason and Kendra traveled to Polina’s orphanage to meet and get to know her, and to tell her that soon they would take her home with them. It looked like a perfect ending…but an unexpected obstacle arose. A law was passed that made it illegal for anyone from the United States to adopt an orphan from Polina’s country. For weeks Kendra and Jason lived in absolute agony, helpless to do anything but wait for the lawmakers and lawyers to decide whether or not adoptions that were already finalized before the law was passed would be completed. But again, our God is about hope, restoration, and triumph against impossible circumstances. Jason and Kendra finally got the news that the adoption was considered legal, and they could bring Polina home. Polina is thriving in her new life. She is able to get the medical care she needs. She has more educational opportunities than she ever had before. Most importantly she is learning what it means to be loved by her mom, dad, and brother. The adjustment hasn’t been easy. There have been lots of bumps along the road, and more to come, but Polina’s story has a happy ending. Not every orphan is so lucky.
Because of the extreme challenges they faced during their adoption experience, God has placed a passion and a burden on the hearts of Kendra and Jason for orphans and potential adoptive families everywhere. The Lord has led them to start a non-profit organization to advocate for both domestic and foreign adoptions. The organization is called Polina’s Promise, and is still in the very early stages of its beginning. If you want to know more about it you can like their facebook page here.
The Skaggs’ story captured the hearts of people around the world. An independent film company from Polina’s home country made a documentary to tell their story. The Skaggs are holding a fundraiser and party to premier the film this Saturday (Nov. 16th) at 6:30pm at Fellowship Bible Church. If you are in the area I want to encourage you to come see the film, eat some yummy chili, pick up some Polina’s Promise gear (their logo is absolutely adorable) and participate in a silent auction to benefit Polina’s Promise. You can see more info and RSVP here. If you aren’t local but want to be involved, you can get in contact with Kendra by email at polinaspromise@yahoo.com.

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