I’m not really dreaming of a white Christmas anymore…

We got eight inches of snow last Friday, on my birthday. When I was teaching I always dreamed of a snow day birthday, but it never happened. Snow days don’t really matter much to me anymore, but I still felt the old excitement when the first snow day was called, and am now feeling sympathy for parents and teachers after five days of no school. Thanks to frigid temperatures the snow stuck around for much longer than usual, making roads slick and dangerous for days. I’m not a big fan of snow anyway (growing up in the Colorado mountains where it snows October through May kind of took the charm out of it for me) but December is the one month I usually welcome it. But now I’m already sick of the white stuff, and Christmas hasn’t even happened yet! Oh well…we were finally able to escape the house today and head to Little Giggles (an indoor playground/playroom that’s pretty amazing) with my play group. After Baby Girl completely wore herself out she crashed for a nice long nap, which gave me time to finally take some pictures of my Christmas decor! It’s been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I’m just now getting around to posting it. I went with “classic rustic charm” as a theme, and pretty much just re-used things I already had.

The console table by the front door holds my angel collection (started with a few I got from my Grandma) and one of my advent trees (so what if I have two?).

I got this advent cupboard at Target a few years ago, and just this year my mom gave me the handmade felt advent ornaments (made by my grandma) that I had when I was growing up. Charlotte absolutely loves putting the ornament on the tree every morning! We got this special ornament as part of C’s newborn photo shoot, and I decided to display it in a place of honor.

I wrote this quote from Isaiah on the framed chalkboard to help remind us all where our focus should really be this season. Speaking of which:

My second advent tree is really just bare branches, reused again from C’s month photo tree. I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s new book The Greatest Gift this month, which is a daily devotional that takes you through the traditional Jesse tree passages. It came with downloadable ornaments which I printed off and cut into squares. I just taped a piece of twine to the back to hang them from. I’m hoping to reuse them every year, and can’t wait for Charlotte to be old enough to start to understand the whole Christmas story! I highly encourage you to check out Ann Voskamp’s writing, both her books (see my review of One Thousand Gifts here) and her blog.

If you’re wondering whether I only used white and green in my decor this year, don’t worry. A healthy splash of red helps liven things up. 🙂

I still love my snowflake ornament collection that I started the year I got my first tree as an adult (ironic, I know for a girl who doesn’t like snow…but snowflakes are so pretty!) but it’s fun to start adding more meaningful “family ornaments” too. C’s ornament this year is from Disney World, and features Mickey, Minnie, and Tinkerbell.

I kept the mantle fairly simple, adding some ribbon and lace to a wreath I already had, along with candles and lanterns.

I added some epsom salt (it makes a great fake snow filler if you’re looking for one) and stuck some wooden snowflake ornaments into my mason jars with fake holly berries to add a festive touch. 🙂

I’m still crazy about the handmade felt stockings made by my mom and grandma, and since my parents are still staying with us (though they are house sitting in Tulsa this month) I got to add their stockings to my fireplace too!

The shelves above our TV hold the manger scene (maybe I’ll let C play with it next year…for now she’s content with her Little People Nativity set) and some foam tree forms that got a make-over with fabric and ribbon.

More mason jars…these feature some miniature fake Christmas trees.
My Christmas village almost got nixed again this year, until my clever hubby suggested I put it on top of my parents’ china hutch that we are storing for them. 🙂

So pretty, and well out of reach of curious fingers.
My end tables are more accessible, so I went with wooden owl figures bought at a local craft boutique and some snowflake candle holders and another mini evergreen in a hurricane vase.

Oh, and I found these free, absolutely adorable, customizable gift tags here. Print them, cut them out, and add an adorably woodsy touch to your packages under the tree. Your welcome. 🙂
How did you decorate for Christmas this year? Did you reuse what you already had or did you go for a whole new theme?
Oh, and in case you missed these adorable snow bunny pics on facebook…

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