One word: My theme for the upcoming year

There’s a growing movement that is calling people to shrug off making New Year’s resolutions and instead choose one word to help define your goals for the next year. I happen to support this trend, which I participated in last year along with my fellow Mosaic of Moms bloggers, so I decided to go for it again in 2014. I’m a little behind I suppose, but hey, it’s still January. 🙂

The word I picked last year was abide. I chose to focus on being content in my circumstances and staying rooted in Christ (John 15:5). This year’s word is related, but a little different. This year I picked aware. “Awareness” is kind of a buzzword, overused by too many causes, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful. As I reflected on my life and the changes I want to make, the word aware just kept popping into my mind. It’s the word that stood out to me as I read Ann Voscamp’s one word post, and a trait that too quickly atrophies in me. It’s so easy in my season of life to simply trudge forward, eyes on the ground (or in my case, the iPhone), oblivious to the hand of my Creator at work.

I’m like a hiker on my way up a mountain, too busy making sure I stay on the trail to see the beauty of nature all around me. I’m focused on watching out for mud puddles and snakes and don’t even notice the wildflowers growing beside me, the blue sky above me, the tiny tadpoles inhabiting the puddles that I so carefully step over so as not to dirty my hiking boots.

I’m a planner. I like to stick to the path. But I want to learn how to slow down, to notice the spontaneous moments of joy (and sorrow too) that weren’t on the schedule. Worse, I tend to focus on the negative, the cold and inconvenience of an ice storm rather than the beauty found in its wake.

I am haunted by this thought, that if all I do is try to accomplish my own plans, I won’t be able to see God’s plan.  So that is the change I want to make, in all areas of my life:

– be aware of my husband’s needs and the way he shows me his love
– be aware of how Charlotte is growing and changing
– be aware of what is happening in the lives of our extended family members
– be aware of other people’s needs, their joys and heartaches

– be aware of opportunities to learn new things
– be aware of destructive thought patterns and worry
– be aware of the excuses and lies I tell myself
– be aware of the Scripture I have memorized and the truth it speaks into my life

– be aware of ways I can move and play and explore more often
– be aware of what I choose to eat (healthy choices, not mindless snacking)
– be aware of how I am modeling (or not modeling) a healthy lifestyle to my daughter

– be aware of the lessons God is trying to teach me
– be aware of the Lord’s hand at work
– be aware of the power of Christ that is available to me if I only ask
– be aware of how God can use me to be His hands and feet
– be aware of Christ’s love for me

My prayer is that God will take off the blinders (and sometimes the blindfold) that I keep putting on so that I can see the world and Him they way He wants me too.

 Interested in more one word goals? You can read about Coffee with Jen’s word here and Magnificent Mayhem’s word here. What word do you want to be your theme for the upcoming year?

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