Announcing Women Living in Faith – A new Christian community for women!

If you’ve followed Salty Cinderella for a while you know that I am also a contributing writer for the Mosaic of Moms blog. I’ve loved being a part of this community of writers. We all come from different backgrounds, and some are farther along the mommyhood path than others (I so appreciate the wisdom shared by these “seasoned” moms!). After much prayer and reflection the administrators of Mosaic of Moms have decided to go in a whole new direction. Jennifer and Gretchen realized that Mosaic of Moms has come to a point of completion, and it is time for a change. They felt the call to start a new ministry, one that will encourage all women, not just mamas. They’ve named it Women Living in Faith, and it is a network of Christian blogs. They are hoping to add writers from all walks of life – married, single, mama, step-mama – any blogger who feels like they are called by God to write about who He is and what He is doing through the lens of their own experience. We are moving forward, knowing this widened perspective will reach even more women with God’s truth and hope!

[pardon me while I go brush Baby Girl’s teeth.

K I’m back.]

There’s one more new dimension to Women Living in Faith. We’re adding a podcast! That’s right, you’ll be able to hear wit, wisdom, and hilarity directly from Gretchen (Magnificent Mayhem) and Jennifer (Coffee with Jen)! Listening to these ladies is like spending an hour at your favorite coffee shop, decadent beverage in hand, with your BFF. Better really, because you can be sitting at home in your sweats or driving to work or nursing or…whatever. Just be careful about beverage consumption…take a sip at the wrong time and you might find coffee shooting out your nose, drink too much and you might accidentally pee your pants! (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…)

So yeah. You definitely will want to check out this new on-line community of women. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page too!

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