Master Bedroom Re-do: Project #3 – Painting the Walls

We are making slow but steady progress on revamping our master bedroom. Our latest completed project was the most time consuming, but also had the biggest impact. I can really see the room coming together now.
When we first moved into our house I decided to paint the window alcove in our master bedroom an accent color. We didn’t want to paint the whole room, (which was a neutral but boring shade of builder’s beige) but I decided chocolate brown would look nice with the other wall color and coordinate well with the teal, aqua, and brown color scheme I’d picked. I did give my husband a token vote, but sweet man that he is he agreed with all my choices.

sorry for the mess, but this is a “before” shot

As we embarked on this master bedroom re-do I found that my wonderful husband is a bit more opinionated about the colors and finishes than he was when we first bought the house (or maybe, since he’s no longer a newly-wed, he’s braver about voicing his opinions to his bride). At first I was a bit taken aback when his ideas didn’t necessarily match mine. I wanted a soft gray for the walls and aqua for the window niche. My hubby worried that gray would be too cold and dark, and aqua too bright. After taping up a dozen paint swatches all over the walls we narrowed it down to two grays and three aquas. We bought samples of each color and painted test squares on the walls, but still couldn’t decide between them. As we lay in bed, contemplating the colors for the umpteenth time, I tentatively suggested we go with more of a gray-blue. To my surprise my sweetheart readily agreed, and it was back to the hardware store for more paint samples.

This time we painted test squares of all three colors on all the walls, and we had a clear winner – Light French Gray by Behr. (Hint: if you’re looking for a certain shade and want to know what it looks like before you commit to it, try searching for it by name on Pinterest. That’s how I found this color. I highly recommend doing a test square first, even if you think you will love the color, because you never know how it will really look in your space with your lighting).
We bought two gallons of Behr premium paint, which is paint and primer in one. It was about five dollars more a can, but well worth it if it would cover in one coat. We chose flat, the same as the old finish. We contemplated eggshell but after looking at the sample squares we’d painted in that finish we decided we’d rather have no sheen at all. Flat is harder to clean, but we figured our bedroom is a pretty low-traffic area and that shouldn’t be a problem.
We decided to try to paint the whole room in one day, which was pretty challenging since we also chose to leave the furniture in the room instead of emptying it (an empty room is far easier to paint, but the thought of having the contents of our bedroom scattered around our living room with our toddler running around made us shudder). We picked two walls to start with, the window alcove and wall opposite the bed.

After she “helped” Daddy dust the walls we sent Baby Girl out into the living room to play with Mimi and Poppy (there’s no way we would have been able to paint the whole room in one day if it weren’t for our live-in babysitters…thanks Mom and Dad!) and got to work. The process went fairly smoothly, though there were some challenges. Our ceiling is vaulted, which makes for a lovely, airy space but is a nightmare to paint without scaffolding.

here you can see the contrast between the old and new color…so much better!

My Prince bravely perched at the top of the ladder, while I held it and prayed fervently he wouldn’t loose his balance. The window wall took forever because we had to cut in around all the window frames and paint the top of it as well.

I know it’s hard to see, but the contrast between the new paint and the white trim is truly lovely

After we finished the first two walls (I think it took about three hours) we took a break for lunch and put C down for her nap. Then we moved the furniture away from the last two walls and finished the job. It was late afternoon by the time we were done, but the paint covered in one coat as promised so we could move the furniture back that night. We were exhausted and sore the next morning, but the end result made our hard work so worth it! The color is absolutely perfect. It’s more blue in bright daylight and more gray in the evening, and we love both variations (I just realized the color strongly resembles the shade of blue on a certain fairy-godmother-made dress in a classic Disney movie…hmm :)).
I can’t wait to show you the completed room, but I still have a few more projects to finish up. For now you’ll have to be content with a couple of sneak peeks:

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