My podcasting debut: A broken dream, and a dream come true

I feel like I’ve hit the big time! Jennifer and Gretchen invited me to be a guest on their Women Living in Faith podcast last week! I introduced myself and gave an explanation about why I named my blog Salty Cinderella. Curious? go here.
Now, if you’re wondering what in the world a podcast is, don’t feel dumb. It’s a fairly new phenomenon, newer even (I think) than blogging. It’s like a radio program (anyone a fan of Focus on the Family?) that is available as a digital download to your computer or smart phone (Women Living in Faith is still waiting for final approval from iTunes, but as soon as we get permission you should be able to download the podcasts directly to your iPhone).
Jennifer and Gretchen focus their talks on a variety of subjects that pertain to Christian living and womanhood, including friendship, worship, and brokenness. During my guest segment Jennifer shared a story of brokenness from her own life, featuring some desperate crying in a closet (don’t tell me you’ve never come close to that point…I know I have). After listening to her story Gretchen and I talked about our own experience with brokenness.Β 
Now you need to go listen to the broadcast, so I don’t want to give rehash everything we talked about, but as I listened I realized there were a few things I didn’t get to say about my most recent episode of brokenness.
A few months ago my husband and I started “house dreaming.” We weren’t quite to the house hunting stage, but our house was starting to feel smaller (maybe because we were sharing it with my parents and a very energetic toddler.) Although baby number two isn’t on the way yet, we know the possibility is there in the near future, so it made sense to start planning our move to a bigger place now. We made our “must haves” and “wish” lists, scoured the online home selling sites like Zillow, and even contacted realtors to view a couple houses we were very interested in. But after talking to one realtor about the current value of our home and the still-recovering market, we realized it didn’t make good financial sense to move right now. I will admit I was crushed. That lovely air castle I’d built was smashed on the ground, and I cried over the pieces. It took some soul-searching and a late night conversation with my dear husband to help me see the silver lining. Staying in our current home, with our current mortgage, really is the best way to fulfill our family goals. It means I don’t have to look for an “on the side” job or extra income, Chris doesn’t feel an increased burden to provide for us, and we can continue to be generous in our giving and spontaneous in our family adventures (well, as spontaneous as you can be with a toddler). So I won’t have a separate play room or formal dining room to entertain in. That doesn’t mean we can’t invite people over or host community group, it just means we will be closer together while we do so. πŸ™‚ This experience of brokenness taught me again that I need to look to Christ as the source of my peace and contentment. He reminded me that I should never be concerned with the world’s expectations for my life, but that as His follower my eyes should be on Him and His mission. I’m thankful for this broken dream, because through it God has given me His peace and a deeper connection to Him.

What broken dream can you look back at now and be thankful for?

2 thoughts on “My podcasting debut: A broken dream, and a dream come true

  1. Broken dreams are hard at the time. My biggest turned into the biggest blessing of my life but at the time, it didn't seem that way. God can redeem everything! We started our family before the wedding and I was so ashamed but God has brought redemption to our lives in wonderful ways through that unexpected pregnancy. 18 years later we are still married πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!


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