Home improvements, C’s big girl room, and other random updates

It’s been quiet on the blog front for a couple of weeks, but let me tell you that’s not for lack of content but rather lack of posting time. We’re dealing with a home improvement domino effect here, and between the long to-do list it’s created and trying to soak in all the beautiful summer weather I haven’t taken the time to sit down and let you in on all the drama. So here’s our tale of homeowner’s woe. Thankfully it has a happy ending.
It all began back in February, after we had made yet another call to Roto Rooter to fix our backed-up sewer line. For pretty much as long as we’ve lived in our house every couple of months the sewer line has backed up into our master bathroom, causing the toilet to overflow and the tub to fill with ickyness. Yeah, gross I know. We finally decided to have the plumber send a camera up our pipe to find out if we have a break or some other problem. Sure enough, he found a piece of metal stuck straight through our sewer line. Where, you may ask? Right under the floor in Charlotte’s room. Naturally. We decided to put off fixing the problem until the weather warmed up, since having a hole in our floor in the middle of winter was not an appealing prospect (for those of you who are unfamiliar with construction techniques here, most houses are built on a concrete slab. This means that to fix our problem they would have to first jackhammer through our floor. Goody.) But three weeks ago, after placing yet another phone call to Roto Rooter, we decided it was time. I got a quote from a plumber our Roto Rooter guy recommended (as you can guess we are on a first name basis with the repair man) and it wasn’t as horrendous as we had anticipated, so we went ahead and scheduled it for the following Monday. That was a Tuesday, which meant we had less than a week to get ready for this major repair.
Remember that the problem spot was directly under the floor of the nursery? Well obviously Charlotte couldn’t stay in her room while the floor was torn up and the air was full of concrete dust. I had already planned on using this summer to turn our guest bedroom into C’s “big girl room,” so we just stepped up the timeline a bit. The biggest problem was that I wanted to paint the room before we started moving furniture into it.  I also needed to sort through the closet and get rid of whatever we no longer wanted/needed. That alone took me most of Tuesday and Wednesday’s naptimes (clearly this was not a project that could be worked on while C was awake and wanting to “help”). The room was almost completely empty by Thursday, which meant I was able to paint it while Baby Girl was at Adventureland (mom’s day out). We used the same paint and primer in one that we had used in our master bedroom, (Behr’s premium paint) so I only had to do one coat, but it was still an exhausting job! I used the same buttery, warm yellow that I had painted our kitchen way back when we first moved in, and I absolutely love the end result.

The picture doesn’t do it justice, it just is so bright and happy without being all “wow, that’s yellow!”
Friday I conceded defeat to the sinus infection I’d been fighting all week, but after starting a z-pack I was feeling well enough to start moving some of C’s toys and clothes into the new room. Chris helped me with the furniture on Saturday, so by Saturday night Charlotte was ready to spend the first night in her big girl room!
Oh, I almost forgot. The new room is at the front of our house, and has a huge window that lets light just flood the room. This is great for playtime, not so great for naptime/sleeping in in the morning. So I also had to figure out a light blocking solution before we could move Charlotte in there (her old room only had one small window that we outfitted with a roller-shade which keeps it almost pitch-black even during the day, so she’s used to it being dark). I picked up some cheap curtain panels at Bed Bath and Beyond and spent Saturday afternoon lining them with blackout liner I’d bought at the fabric store. I actually made tons of changes to “pretty up” the curtains, but that’s another post. 🙂
Anyway, C made the transition without any problems, and is actually super excited to sleep in her “big girl room.”
My dear friend offered to let us stay at her house on Monday while the repairs were going on (I thought it would be slightly traumatizing for Charlotte to see her old room get torn up, not to mention being terrified by the jackhammer, so I was so glad to have somewhere to go). My hubby worked from home so he could be there with the plumbers. He sent me several pictures throughout the process. Here’s where they pulled back the carpet:

And here’s the problem, a piece of rebar sticking right through the sewer pipe. Can you say negligent builder.

 Here’s where they spliced in a new piece of pipe.

I don’t have a picture of it, but they also filled in the hole with a couple bags of cement. That took several days to dry, so I’m so glad the room was empty and we didn’t need to go in there for anything. Last Saturday my wonderful hubby re-stretched the carpet. After vacuuming it looks almost as good as new! So glad we don’t have to get new flooring yet.
I spent all last week painting furniture and organizing and rearranging the room. I have so many fun projects to share with you, but this post is already so long and rambling I’ll just give you a sneak peak of my next post, where I’ll share all the nitty-gritty details about my first experience using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint!

I promise I won’t wait three weeks in-between posts this time. 🙂

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