End of Summer Update

First as a student and then as a teacher, my year has always followed the rhythm of the school calendar. Now that I stay home with my two-year-old you’d think I wouldn’t feel the same shift as the summer break comes to an end and school starts up again, but for some reason I still do and probably always will.Ā  Part of this comes from the change in the season, as long summer days end and we look forward to crisp fall evenings and changing leaves. Of course here in the South said weather change is still weeks away, and we are just now hitting our hottest temperatures all year. Not that I’m complaining about the mild summer we’ve had, I just hope this heatwave isn’t going to last for weeks on end.
Sorry, I’m rambling. I’ll warn you this isn’t a very focus post, but I thought if I called it an “update” it would be ok to be a little random. šŸ™‚
– Baby Girl has really turned into a water bug this year. After our disastrous trip to the beach where she didn’t even want to stand ankle deep in the surf I was really worried that she was developing an aversion to water.Ā  Fortunately those fears were unfounded. Between the splash park, a neighborhood pool (not ours, but we have some great friends who invited us to join them for swims), the baby pool/slide I rigged in the backyard, and our city’s aquatic center, she’s had lots of exposure to water this summer and I think it really helped. She’s still not really a fan of big, splashy fountains, but give her a pool and she’ll jump right in. We got her a Puddle Jumper floaty after numerous recommendations from friends, and it’s been wonderful. She loves to “swim,” and will actually float by herself down the lazy river at the water park. Hopefully next year she’ll be ready for swim lessons.

– Paci transition has been hard, but we’re sticking with it. She has stopped asking for it, but definitely cries more now before she falls asleep. She’s also started fighting sleep even harder than she was before. It’s not uncommon for her to lay in her crib, talking and singing to herself for two hours instead of napping. Before giving up the paci she might miss a nap once a week or so, but right now it’s about every other day. It’s stressful for me, but I’m just trying to be as consistent as possible and pray it’s just part of the adjustment process. She will still sleep for two to three hours when she does fall asleep, so I know she’s not ready to give up naps altogether yet. I hope. Today we went to the Aquatic Center one last time with Daddy and she fell asleep in the car coming home. She never does that anymore, so I hadn’t bothered to change her out of her swimsuit. Whoops. She started wailing when I put her on the changing mat, and kept crying after I put her into the crib. I was so worried that I’d messed up and now she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, but she only cried for about two minutes. Whew. The things we obsess over as mamas.
– C is starting to get more opinionated about what she wears. Her grandma bought her two new fall outfits, and Baby Girl insisted on trying them on. But she wanted to wear the top from one outfit and the bottoms from the other one. The combination was so clashingly bright I had to squint to look at her. Fortunately we didn’t have to go anywhere for the rest of the day (notice this outfit has long sleeves and leggings. It was approximately ninety degrees outside). Last Friday we got a box in the mail of some clothes I had ordered on-line, including the most adorable pair of riding boots for her. She loved them so much she had a meltdown when I told he we needed to take them off to try on the other pair of (winter) boots. She insisted we put the “brown boots” back on right away, and she proceeded to wear them for the rest of the evening, including dinner and our nightly walk around the neighborhood. Fortunately she was wearing socks, so I wasn’t too worried about blisters. I guess that’s one way to break in a new pair of shoes. Today I made the mistake of asking her what she wanted to wear. She said “monkey shorts” (pink and green patterned with monkeys and jungles vines) and “Frozen shirt” (a picture of girl with a blonde braid sailing in a boat done in navy and red). Fortunately I talked her into changing the shirt for the plain green top that matches the monkey shorts, but I know the days where I can pick her outfit are numbered.

– I don’t remember if I’ve said anything on the blog about it yet, but my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are expecting their first child!Ā  C is so excited to meet her first cousin. šŸ™‚ I get to plan a shower for my sister-in-law in collaboration with her mom, and I’m having so much fun with it. The theme is Safari Baby (to go with their nursery theme) and I can’t wait to share some of the projects I’m doing for the party. Yay babies!

One of the pins I’m using for my inspiration

– There are a few fall activities that start up soon that I am soooo excited about. One is Adventureland, the mom’s day out program that C was in last year. We’ve been on an eight week summer break, and I’m so ready for it to start! Thankfully my wonderful mother-in-law agreed to watch Baby Girl for a couple of hours once a week during the break, which is how I’ve gotten most of my recent blog posts finished. Remember how nervous and guilty I felt last year for putting her in the program? No such nerves this year! Bring it on! The other thing that I’m so ready to begin is MOPS. I’m co-coordinating again this year, and I can’t wait for the first meeting! We feel like old hands now at this leadership team thing (we were all brand-new to leadership last year) and feel like we’ve got a handle on things this time around. For example, we are going to use some of the pre-planned meetings and devotional videos that came with our group experience kit (we didn’t even look at these last year. Oops.)
Well I guess for a writer with no topic I still managed to ramble on enough to pass the “optimal post length” by a couple hundred words. Sorry about that (I’ve always been wordy, which was good in college where I never struggled to fulfill minimum word count requirements but is kind of a negative here in blogland).
What about you dear reader? Are you feeling the change of summer to fall schedule, or is it all the same to you? Are you planning on doing a mom’s day out program or join a MOPS group? What cray cray outfit has your toddler insisted on wearing? Please share!

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