C’s Big Girl Room Reveal: Cheerful, vintage, girly charm

I’m finally ready to show you Baby Girl’s big girl room! When I designed her pink and green owl nursery I was in love with it, but let me tell you I could just live in this new room all the time. I tried to make it versatile enough to grow with her, hopefully through the preschool and early elementary years. From painting the whole room myself, including walls and most of the furniture, to making and re-purposing most of the decor, this is truly a labor of love for my darling girl. Thankfully she seems to be as over the moon as I am at how it turned out. This will be a very picture-heavy post, with just a few words of explanation as needed. Enjoy!

Even big girls need a little reading and rocking before bedtime.

The lampshade was an easy project I finished in half an hour. I found the Beautiful Girl art at Hobby Lobby, the cross-stitch was lovingly made by my mom for C’s nursery, and the photograph was part of her newborn photo shoot. I made this patchwork quilt pillow with the charm pack of fabric (Sidewalks by October Afternoon) I got for the room.

Baby Girl is still rocking the crib, so we have no plans to transition her anytime soon (I have a feeling when we do naps will really and truly become a thing of the past). When she is ready for a “big bed” I have plans to turn that old quilt top (purchased on Etsy) into a duvet cover, but for now it’s just draped over the top for looks. This was the perfect spot for the vintage illustration art that I made out of an old children’s poetry book.

Drapes are very tricky to photograph, you know? These started out as plain gray panels that I lined with blackout fabric (this room is on the front of the house and gets tons of sun, especially during nap time in the afternoon.) I followed a favorite designer’s advice to solve the problem of the arched window and simply hung the curtain rod above the arch. I had to lengthen the curtain panels so they would reach the floor, but that just gave me the opportunity to make them prettier. πŸ™‚ Cheerful handmade tie-backs and a colorful bunting (all made from the same quilting fabric set as seen elsewhere in the room) complete the classic, vintage feel. I painted the bench along with the dresser and nightstand and re-covered the cushion with the same vintage sheet that I used for the tent. I put the basket of animals on top of the bench for these pictures, but usually it lives underneath and a plastic purple castle takes center stage (just keeping it real, folks).

Here’s that gorgeous dresser, which houses shorts, t-shirts, and “pajammies.” I found this fun tray and spinning organizer at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods respectively, and filled this glass jar I already had with overflow bows (yes, I’ve made them all. Yes, I’m crazy. But she does request a bow for her hair every day.) Also, I now see that I should have hidden the changing pad and removed the diaper pail for the shot. Oh well, just more proof that an actual toddler lives here (we’ve dabbled in potty training but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’m sure the journey will be well documented on this blog). Isn’t this artwork fun? It’s by Katie Daisy and you can find a ton of prints at her shop on Etsy. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

This aqua bookshelf used to be black. I’m still not sure if it was worth the two coats of primer and two coats of paint then wax to seal it, but it definitely turned out pretty! I covered the back of the shelf with some gorgeous gold dotted wrapping paper (sorry it’s hard to see) I found at Hallmark (note, if you can take the back off, add the paper, and then screw the back on again it is so much easier and secure). I got this little collage frame at Hobby Lobby. It was one thing I didn’t have make! I just added the photos and wrote the message with a chalk pen. Doesn’t it look like it was made for this room? I love it.

There is this little nook between the door and the closet that was just begging to be turned into something special. I decided it was perfect for an art corner. C got this little table and chairs for her birthday, and it had resided in the living room until I decided it was time for a relocation (read, I was tired of having coloring books and crayons scattered all around the front entry). I’d been hanging on to this shelf for some reason, and it works perfectly in this space to hold buckets of crayons, markers, stampers, etc. A magazine holder for coloring books, and voila! Instant art corner, and I didn’t have to spend a dime. Ok I’m lying, I did buy some magnetic chalkboards to hang on the wall to display her artwork, but I haven’t hung them up yet so they don’t count, right?

Oh that tent. It takes the room from cute and charming to a little girl’s dream room. Yes it’s huge, and yes it takes up most of the floorspace in the middle of the room, but oh it’s just so wonderful.

You can see the baby quilt I made for her before she was born and the huge yellow pillow that could serve as a bed (actually, it was a dog bed I found at Home Goods and my mom re-covered it). Baby Girl has already spent hours here, reading and imagining and playing with her dolls (and hiding from Mommy at bedtime) and I can only hope that she will continue to love it more as she grows.
There you have it. Maybe it’s not worthy of a magazine spread, but this room is all my imagining come to life, and my daughter loves it. That’s good enough for me. πŸ™‚
What is your favorite space in your home? What makes it extra special? I’d love to see pictures!

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