Fall Decorating – "I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

Don’t you just love Anne Shirley? One of my fictional heroes, for sure.
So although the calendar says fall, here at least it seems like autumn has just barely begun to tip-toe in. Days are getting shorter to be sure, and evenings now bring a bit of chill, but otherwise our mild summer has flowed into an equally mellow autumn, with just a handful of cold days to warn us that winter is around the corner. I’m counting on several weeks of beautiful fall weather, and I’m planning on letting it seep into my bones. Because the weather has still been so warm I didn’t feel the fall decorating bug until a couple weeks ago, when my sick little sweetie kept us quarantined in the house for several days. Since I was here anyway I decided to break out the throws, (more throws, I’m a cuddle-under-a-blanket kind of girl year round), pillows, and pumpkins.

I was feeling a little tired of the tradition fall color palette, so I decided to mix it up and add teal and gold accents to my orange and yellow.

I found a little white ceramic pumpkin at Hobby Lobby and painted it teal with gold polkadots (the easiest project in the world I assure you). The runner is a piece of fabric I trimmed to size with pinking shears, too lazy to even run straight seams to finish it. 🙂 I love how the argyle pattern still feels fallish, but the colors are a little different and fun.

I found this tutorial for painting a picture of a pumpkin, and decided it looked easy enough to try. I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out, just don’t compare it too closely to the original.

Here’s my fall chalkboard. I copied this image pretty much exactly from this pin (clearly I was not feeling super creative) and I absolutely love it. The original is a little softer and more chalk-like, but I prefer using a chalk pen to real chalk like I think they did in the original. There’s just something wonderful about pumpkins, don’t you think? This being my favorite season, my heart is full to the brim with gratitude. Or at least it should be. Hence the reminder.

I think I’ve discovered the secret to an easy, well-balanced mantle. Keep the main elements the same, just change them out if you want to decorate seasonally. I really should have taken a picture of my summer mantle and you would see what I mean, but I’ll try to explain. My summer mantle had a pitcher of (fake) wildflowers front and center, so I just replaced that with this teal lantern full of (fake) bronze colored leaves. Such an easy way to make my “new” autumn color palette a focal point. The lanterns stay year-round, and I think they work for every season. The apothecary jar that was filled with sand and seashells last season is now brimming with pinecones and acorns (purchased in bulk at Hobby Lobby, since we have no trees). A white lantern and some coral is replaced by owl statues and a hedgehog (isn’t he cute?) and I strung this burlap ruffle for added texture and a rustic touch. That’s it!

I changed out the covers on my throw pillows and made a couple of new pillows using this envelope pillowcase pattern I found on Pinterest (the easiest way to make a removable pillow cover by the way, I’ve been making it way harder than it should be). The quilt-top is destined for C’s big girl bed, but until she needs it I’ve been moving it around the house to suit my fancy. 🙂

I found the teal pillow on sale at Kirkland’s (apparently my “new” fall color scheme isn’t that revolutionary) and made the gold chevron one out of some fabric I found at HL. I’m hoping it will transition to my Christmas/winter decor too.

For once I took the easy way and bought this subway print (Kirkland’s) rather than try to recreate it myself. It has all my fall colors, and is the perfect list of all things fall. I love it.

Almost forgot the front door! I re-purposed an old summer wreath by adding this gold chevron ribbon, some bittersweet berries and a burlap bow. I wanted to add teal (obviously) so I dug out this rick-rack I’d bought for C’s big girl room but didn’t use. Yay! I love using things up from my “stash.” 🙂

Oh, and I totally stole the design from this pin. I’m pretty sure I even found the exact same ribbon. I told you I wasn’t feeling creative.
Have you broken out the pumpkins and burlap yet, or are you still savoring these beautiful Indian summer days? Soak it all in, because I’ve been told this winter is predicted to be a(nother) doozy.

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