A Fairytale Halloween

I’ve said it before, but I’ve found that one of the best, unexpected perks of having a kiddo is how holidays and special occasions become a thousand times more fun again. Take Halloween. As an adult it’s a pretty boring holiday. Unless you are invited to a costume party or event your only option is to stay home and greet greedy happy trick-or-treaters (is it just me or have kids gotten older and costumes weirder/scarier?). But when you have a child of your own the magic of dressing up and traipsing around the neighborhood all comes back. Since having Baby Girl I’ve definitely embraced the whole family costume thing.

baby owl and her park rangers, owl division

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Mini Minnie

The past two years I picked out the costume theme, but this year C came up with her costume idea all by herself. When I asked her several weeks ago what she wanted to be for Halloween she answered decisively, “Cinderella Ballerina.” Well the Cinderella part was easy enough, but how was I going to make it a ballerina costume too? I decided the easiest thing to do was to buy a cheap Cinderella costume (thanks Walmart!) and then just make a tutu to go over the skirt part. I had to do a little tweaking of the store bought costume (tacked up the too-long skirt and added extra velcro to the back so it wouldn’t fall off). The tutu was simple, I just bought three rolls of tulle at Hobby Lobby (two light blue, one silver sparkle) and made it using this tutorial, the same way I made her birthday tutu.

I found sparkle tights at Children’s Place, made the headband out of some ribbon, and used a handy little bun-maker for her hair. I even found some “glass” (plastic) slippers at Target to add the final touch. I was a little worried she’d sprain her ankle since they have little heels, but she learned to work it like a champ.

I love how the tulle really dresses up the simple costume and makes it that much more special. I decided I really wanted to stick with the family costume theme again. Chris’s costume was easy, what else could he be but Prince Charming?

This costume was ridiculously easy. The hardest part was finding red pants, but our local thrift store came through and I picked up these pajama pants for $3. I added a gold stripe of ribbon to each leg to make them look a little more princely. A white button-up shirt with some gold trim and an old belt I spray painted gold completed the look. Of course the final touch that really made this a prince costume were the huge shoulder pads (not sure about the technical term…epaulettes maybe?). Hobby Lobby helped me out again with some gold fabric and fringe. I cut the basic shape out of foam board and hot glued the gold fabric to cover it, then added the trim around three sides, using safety pins to attach them because I didn’t want to ruin the shirt.

Looks pretty good don’t you think? My wonderful hubby really committed to the part too, and shaved off all his facial hair to further resemble the clean-shaven prince (it was the first time C and I had seen him without it…I did a double-take to make sure it was really my husband!) Oh, and I painted a $1 jack o’ lantern to look like Cinderella’s coach (thanks Pinterest for enabling me).
I had a harder time deciding on my costume. I thought about trying to make it into some sort of pregnancy costume, but I decided trying to turn my belly into a pumpkin coach was beyond my skill set. I really couldn’t see myself as the wicked step-mother either. Then it hit me, the fairy godmother! Perfect!

My costume turned out to be the hardest to make. I found this pattern on Fleece Fun for a long belted cape, which looked easy enough. Unfortunately I didn’t read the directions carefully enough so the first cape I cut was too short. Back to the fabric store I went for more yardage, and thankfully the second cape turned out fine. I got some pink fabric to turn into the bow tie for the front (which I also cut wrong…let me tell you that trying to sew while affected by pregnancy brain is not a good idea), spray painted a dowel rod silver and added a strip of glitter tulle and that was it!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Definitely not a flattering costume, but perfect for this mom-to-be and snuggly warm, which was a good thing! The weather predictions were increasingly cold and windy, so the night before I decided to add a cape to C’s costume too. I found another Fleece Fun pattern and used the fabric from my “mistake cape” (waste not want not!) to make this sweet circle cape for Cinderella.

It kind of turned her into “mini me,” but it kept her warm and toasty which made her first experience with trick-or-treating a smashing success!

In fact the whole day was full of magical fun. Our first stop Halloween morning was a trip to our local hospital with our church playgroup for some reverse trick-or-treating in the children’s ward (we handed out treat bags full of non-candy goodies to the kids there).

Next we visited Daddy Prince Charming at work and got to participate in his office costume contest.

After a late nap and quick dinner we headed to the main event, trick-or-treating with some dear friends who also embraced the family costume as Tinker Bell (daughter) Peter Pan (son) Wendy (mom) and Captain Hook (dad). Baby Girl was completely charmed by the idea of ringing doorbells and collecting candy.

She wanted to keep going but after we visited close to a dozen houses the rest of us were ready go inside and warm up. We watched a couple of Halloween specials while the girls enjoyed some of their spoils, then took Cinderella home before the clock could strike midnight nine o’clock.

I say it every year, but this Halloween was definitely my favorite. We’ll see how elaborate I manage to be next year, but I will have another character to add to the cast…pretty excited about the possibilities.
Did you go all out with family costumes this year, or just take a trip to Walmart to let your kiddos pick what they wanted? Whatever works I say! 🙂

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