New Year’s Plans and Goals (and my one word for the year)

I feel like this is part two of my last post. I almost wrote it all together, but I realized not even the most die hard reader would make it through that long of a novel. 🙂
For the past two years I’ve picked one word to be the theme for my year. Last year my word was aware. I don’t really know how successful I was at being aware and present in the moment, though I did try harder (when I remembered). This year, with the monumental (cataclysmic??) event of welcoming a new baby on the horizon, I really struggled with coming up with a theme. I thought about survival, which true as it may be isn’t very positive, and rest, but that didn’t seem very realistic (more of a pie in the sky dream actually). But as I sat for some rare quiet moments with my computer on my lap, thinking about the challenges and changes to come, the Lord pressed this word into my heart. Dependence. The thought grates against my independent, self-sufficient flesh, (my control issue once again rearing it’s ugly head) but it rings so true I can’t deny it. If I am going to make it through this time of transition without having a breakdown or becoming a nervous wreck, I am going to have to rely heavily on others. My husband, our parents, my mom-tribe, my MOPS group…this whole support system exists for such a time as this. Most of all, in my weakness and the storms that will come (sleepless nights, fussy baby, breastfeeding, toddler meltdowns, sibling jealousy, and everything else I haven’t thought of) I will have to lean on the strength of my Heavenly Father. Yep, I think releasing my illusion of control and admitting my dependance on the Lord and others is the right attitude to have going forward.
Now for some more tangible, practical plans. Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to in the year 2015 (in no particular order):
Planning/organizing/decorating little sister’s nursery 

One of my favorite inspiration nurseries found on Pinterest (source)

Praise the Lord for arranging the circumstances last summer for us to move Charlotte out of her nursery and into her “big girl room” across the hall. Not only was it one of the most fun decorating challenges I’ve done yet, it set the stage for designing yet another precious baby girl room! I’m trying not to be super “themey” this time around  (C’s original nursery had more owls in it than a forest) and stick to a more timeless, vintage feel. If all goes well we plan on moving the girls into this room together once little sister has developed solid sleep habits (crossing fingers and knocking on wood that this will happen sooner than later) so it will actually be the girls’ bedroom with C’s current “big girl room” becoming the playroom. Beds and clothes will be in one and toys, books, and art supplies in the other. With this plan in mind I’m using the same color scheme and fabrics in the nursery (yellow, aqua, pink, and gray) that I did in C’s big girl room so that the two rooms coordinate. We should be able to make the transition easily by just moving furniture, no redecorating required. We’ll see. 🙂
– A family trip to the most magical place on earth

Does it count as a babymoon if you take your parents and toddler along? Probably not. But regardless, we are planning one last hurrah vacation before little sister arrives. After last spring’s less than perfect beach vacay I swore off family trips for the foreseeable future. But that turned out to be a pie-crust promise (easily made, easily broken…Mary Poppins anyone?) when my parents announced their January plans. They joined a mission group specifically for full-time RVers, and have committed to serving at a number of churches, Christian campuses, and mission bases around the country throughout the year. Guess where their first placement is? Yep, about an hour away from Orlando, and they invited us to join them for a week at Disney World right before their February service commitment begins. They sweetened the deal by offering us use of one of their timeshare weeks, which meant a week stay in a two bedroom, full-kitchen condo minutes away from Disney World. Throw in free transportation (since they will have their truck with them) during one of the least crowded, mildest weather weeks of the year and we were hooked. I’m really trying to temper my expectations for this trip and not compare it to our first family trip to WDW when C was just seventeen months (now THAT was a magical vacation). But I must say it’s hard to contain my excitement. Two weeks and counting!!
– Charlotte’s third birthday party

I really didn’t expect to be one of “those” moms who made a huge production of their child’s birthday parties, but somehow I became one anyway. C’s one year vintage owl-themed party spiraled out of control,

and last year’s Minnie Mouse Bow-tique party was hardly any better (though I really did try to contain myself).

This year I will most likely have a brand new baby by C’s actual birthday (the c-section will likely be scheduled one week before it) so I’m planning on having the party early. Still, I’ll be hugely pregnant and totally uncomfortable, so we’ll see how elaborate I really manage to be. In my saner moments I’ve decided to do a location party for friends (possibly Build-a-Bear) and just have a lunch and cake get-together for family. Whether I actual restrain myself that much…time will tell. 🙂
– Siesta Scripture Memory Challenge

When C was first born and I was learning how to transition from a full-time teacher to a full-time SAHM I joined a weekly Bible study called Intentional Living. It was absolutely wonderful, a true gift from the Lord to help me through that first year. One of the most valuable tools I was given through that study was a scripture memory method. I memorized thirty verses that year that I still remember and reflect on often. I slacked off on my memorization for the past year and a half though, and wanted to find something to jump start it again (since I have a feeling God’s word is going to be even more essential to my sanity after April). I follow Beth Moore’s blog, and when she announced her scripture memory challenge I knew it would be just the thing. With her method you memorize 24 verses throughout the year, which seems do-able (at least for now). My first verse is Hebrews 6:19 – “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters into the inner sanctuary behind the curtain”. I just realized this verse dovetails beautifully with dependance. 🙂
– Home Organization Overhaul
Another of my favorite blogs, The Handmade Home, offers a weekly organizational challenge starting in January and running through March called The Lazy Gal’s Guide to an Organized Home. For the most part our house is fairly organized and uncluttered, but there are pockets of disorder (drawers, closets, and cupboards definitely) that could use some help. Hopefully it will help me purge the excess that always seems to collect and get back to my “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” ideal, at least until the new baby throws everything into disarray again. 🙂
Please note that all of these events take place before baby #2’s arrival. That’s about as far out as I can think. After mid-April all I can visualize is a black hole of swirling question marks. I’m hoping to find balance and routine as quickly as possible, for Charlotte’s sake and mine for sure, but we shall see. What are your goals, plans, hopes, and dreams for 2015? Did you pick one word to set the tone for your year? I’d love to hear it all!

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