Nursery Projects

I’m not sure how it happened so fast, but March is all but over and April is staring me in the face, packed full of celebrations (Easter, C’s birthday) and one huge, life changing event! Baby sister is scheduled to make her debut in just a couple of short weeks! With my first pregnancy the last few weeks just dragged by (probably because I started my maternity leave early and then went five days passed my due date) but not so this time around! I’ve found myself letting things get down to the wire, including the nursery. I’ve been planning it for months, but for some reason the projects just didn’t quite get finished, and I kept adding items to the to do list. Well I’ve finally crossed everything off. My wonderful hubby spent last Saturday rearranging furniture and putting artwork on the wall, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Although we plan on baby sleeping in our room for the first few weeks (or months) having the nursery finished before she arrives is vital to my peace of mind :). Plus I kind of figure I won’t have a lot of time or energy for a while for many extra projects. πŸ˜‰ I’m not quite ready to post pictures of the whole room (still waiting on some photos we ordered to go in the empty frames) but I’m going to give you a sneak peek and a list of the DIY projects I did for this room.
– Hot Air Balloon and Cloud “Mobile”

This was the first project I finished (mostly). I sewed and stuffed the balloons and clouds while I was in the doctor’s office for my three hour glucose test (failed the first one, passed the second, just like my first pregnancy). I didn’t want to go too “themey” for this room, but hot air balloons and clouds definitely found their way into the decor. πŸ™‚ I was originally going to make a mobile just like this one (where I also found the patterns) but decided stringing them out as a banner would be more versatile after we move the girls in together. (Sorry for the dark picture…I’m learning how to use my hubby’s DSLR with mixed results so far).

Hand-embroidered pictures

I used embroidery hoops and fabric to decorate Charlotte’s nursery, and though I loved the look I decided to step up my game this time around. I found the embroidery patterns here and used fabric scraps from C’s quilt (hopefully Mom will be making one for little sister as well) and other leftover fabric from my stash. I am so in love with how they turned out, and they really didn’t take that long to do! I transferred the pattern to the linen using a light box and a fabric pen, appliqued the fabric using heat ‘n bond, then stitched around the designs with some basic embroidery stitches as described in the pattern (youtube was my best friend when I didn’t know how to do a stitch).

Pattern found here

I rounded it out with a few more hoops of just plain fabric, and voila! Unique, adorable artwork that will become special keepsakes for baby girl (I hope).

Curtain panels

Again, sorry for the blown out pic, but do you know how hard it is to take a picture of anything near a bright window? Pretty dang hard. Anyway, I really had good intentions to just buy curtains this time but I just could not find any I liked for a reasonable price. So off to the fabric store I went, where I found this awesome white cotton that’s embellished with a flowered ruffle and pink ribbon. It was absolutely perfect, and of course expensive. Thankfully it happened to be on sale. I bought up the rest of the bolt (there were only three yards left) and added the pink dotted swiss to the bottom to make it reach the floor.

I made two panels, but I decided I liked the fuller look of pulling them both to the same side. I made the tie-back with the pink fabric and added some white pom pom trim. It looks much cuter in person, so if you live locally and want to take a peek at the room sometime just let me know :).

Flower detail on trunk

This trunk has quite a history. It belonged to my grandma while she was in the Navy during WWII, I think before she even met my grandpa. I inherited it and used it as a coffee table before I got married. It’s been providing extra storage in our master bedroom, but I have big plans for the nook where it sat (first it will hold a pack and play) so we decided to move it into the nursery. I’d already repainted it from white to pale gray, but I decided I needed to make it a little more feminine. I spray painted the hardware gold (the original color actually) and hand painted the flowers and branches using this pattern I found. I think it adds a pretty, personalized touch to the space.

Crib skirt

Again, I searched high and low (online) for a skirt I liked, and just found nothing. I did find a tutorial though for an adjustable crib skirt, so I decided it was worth making it myself (I loved the crib skirt my mom made for Charlotte’s room, but was so sad when we had to lower the crib and it dragged on the floor. Such a waste). For this version you make three separate panels, then tie them to the mattress frame with ribbon. When you need to lower the crib you just tie the panels up higher. Genius. I used the same pink and white dotted fabric from the bottom of the curtains, but naturally I didn’t have quite enough left over. Rather than make another trip to the store I decided to add some more leftover fabric and pom pom trim. I love how it turned out (sorry I don’t have more pictures of it, but taking a picture of the bottom of a crib while nine months pregnant was just a little too challenging for me).
Speaking of the crib…

Painted Crib

Yep, I did it. Call me crazy (and I totally was) but I just couldn’t give up on my dream of a white crib. When we bought the nursery furniture for C we went with a dark brown wood finish to be practical. I’ve regretted that decision (brown rather that white) ever since, especially when we found out we were having another girl. I did some research and found Lullaby Paint to be the safest stuff on the market. They sent us free paint swatches, and we decided to go with antique white. My long-suffering hubby disassembled the crib (again) and moved it in four pieces to the garage. It took us two and a half coats and two weekends, but we finished it! After it was done I realized we should have just sold the brown crib and bought a white one, but you know what they say about hindsight. Anyway, I’m super happy with it, and plan on keeping Little Bit in this bed until her feet hang over the side. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and I made the blanket too (C picked out the fabric). I made a big and little size, just like I did for C’s blankies (she is still very attached to them). It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the crib sheet is pink with white clouds, one of my favorite shower gifts from my dear friend.

And that’s really it. Everything else we either already owned or I bought (Hobby Lobby has really stepped up their home decor game…I found some of my favorite artwork there.) I will post complete pictures as soon as I get the last photos framed, but here’s a sneak peek:

Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

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