I’m Back!

Did you give up on me yet? I almost gave up on myself, at least as a blogger. I knew the adjustment from one kiddo to two would be big, but I didn’t know it would take so long! I guess it took nine months for baby to develop inside the womb, and it takes nine (or ten months) for the new family dynamic to fully develop. It hasn’t been a hard transition really, it’s just that my pockets of free time are so much smaller. At one point I decided to take an indefinite break from blogging. I just couldn’t see how to fit it in to this season of life. But then I started to miss it. I love to write. It’s huge part of how I process life and reflect on what God is teaching me. I suppose I could journal, but without an audience to connect with it’s just not the same. I’m going to try writing one post a week. We’ll see how it goes.
So how do I reconnect with you after a nearly nine month hiatus? I don’t think I can fill you in on everything that’s happened in that span of time, so how about I just give you a glimpse of what I’ve been up to lately? Lots of the bloggers I follow write “currently” posts, and I thought that would be a good place to start. So currently I am:

My TV time has taken a serious hit, though hubby and I manage to watch a Fixer-Upper or an episode of Scorpion a few times a week. Mostly I’m watching time fly as my girls grow up before my eyes!

Tessa has just started crawling, and her stiff-armed march across the floor just slays me. She’s figured out the joy of food, and eagerly tries pretty much everything we give her, including pancakes, muffins, waffles, puffs, dog food, random bits of lint…(true story, she was in the living room and I was in the kitchen. I heard her gagging on something so a ran out and did a finger sweep of her mouth. She was trying to eat a piece of fuzz off a dog toy. Needless to say the toy went in the trash and I decided to step up my vacuuming game).

Charlotte is an actual preschooler now. She’s learning at an astonishing rate, and I love watching her imagination soar (right now she is playing “kitty crate” inside laundry baskets stacked on top of each other). She’s usually a fantastic big sister, although now that T is mobile I’m starting to hear “No Tessa that’s mine!” and “Ah Tessa you just wrecked my castle!” and “Tessa don’t look at me!” She also sometimes forgets that her sister is alive and not one of her stuffed animals. I feel like I need to research creative discipline and sibling relationships… anyone have any good book recommendations? 🙂


Right now I’m reading Still Life, the first book in Louise Penny’s mystery series starring Detective Gamache.
I’m a big fan of cozy mysteries, but I decided I should elevate my reading a bit from the typical fluff to something with a bit more substance. This book does not disappoint. It has all the elements of a classic mystery – detective, suspects, suspicious death, red herrings, etc. But Penny does a masterful job of building depth and dimension to every character, revealing a bit more of the back story with every page. I haven’t finished it yet so I don’t know if it will have a satisfying ending (which is very important to me) but I have high hopes.

This is not my journal…but isn’t it pretty?!!

As a teacher turned SAHM, I’ve always tried to stick to a consistent schedule throughout the weekdays. I had a pretty good rhythm figured out for Charlotte, but after Tessa came along I had to reevaluate. I think I’ve found what works for the girls now, but I felt like our afternoons were being wasted on too much Doc McStuffins (C) and surfing Facebook (me). So I’m trying to be more intentional about how we spend our downtime during the day. This also deserves it’s own post, but one tool I’m trying out to help with this is a bullet journal. I’ve been “practicing” with an old notebook I already had, but I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Leuchtturm1917 and some Pilot Precise V5 pens (both recommended by the bullet journal gurus). I’m so excited to start using my “official BuJo” tomorrow!

I have some much more to tell you, but I’ve already broken all the word-count guidelines (who am I kidding, I always do) so I’d better stop here. If you are still reading this, thank you! I’ve missed you. I’m so ready to get my writer’s voice back!

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