Our Staycation, Detox, and Real Life

I’m feeling a bit scattered these days, for lots of reasons. Summer tends to do that I guess. We are in between sessions for C’s preschool, and my hubby took last week off so we had a family “staycation.” It’s the first time we’ve ever really done that, and I highly recommend it. We did one overnight trip to Tulsa where we visited the aquarium and the zoo. The rest of the week we spent taking trips to our local children’s museum, aquatic center, trampoline park, and berry farm, with plenty of backyard fun in the kiddie pool too. My parents watched the girls for a couple afternoons so Chris and I could run errands and take care of some boring adulting duties (but we got Starbucks so we totally counted it as a date).

Of course no vacation is perfect, not even one spent mostly at home. T’s sleep schedule got thrown out of wack and we are still all suffering the effects. No one slept that great in the hotel, even though we had a two room suite (we put the girls in together but they kept each other awake, so we ended up moving T into our room). C’s been coming into our room once or twice during the night, complaining of nightmares or being scared of the dark (she’s never done this before…fingers crossed it’s a normal phase that she’ll eventually grow out of). The zoo was fun, but unseasonably hot and I think we all ended up a bit sunburned despite my best efforts to reapply sunblock. We had a fender-bender in the parking lot of Red Robin, no injuries and only minor damage but still, yuck. C tripped over a branch while picking raspberries and now has a nasty scrap on her leg. You know, just those doses of reality that creep in, because hello real life. At least I was a bit more prepared this time and kept my expectations to a bare minimum, unlike our last slightly disastrous trip to Galveston TX.

Now, facing a week of business as usual, we are all a bit out of sorts. C had a minor meltdown over the fact that daddy has to go to work tomorrow, giving us a teaching moment about money and hard work and how we pay for things like our house and food (fairly certain this all flew right over her head, but I tried). T decided that she doesn’t need to nap today, and I’ve had a terrible time convincing her otherwise (the thunderstorm that parked over our house didn’t help matters).

I’m feeling the need to do a bit of damage control in my eating habits after a week that included lots of crossovers and a few cheats (I mean, when your daughter only eats a few bites of her Marble Slab ice cream cup you don’t just let it go to waste, I’m not that crazy hardcore). I’ve resolved to eat only fuel pull desserts on weeknights (low carb, low fat) so I tried a couple new recipes this afternoon. I made this peanut butter cup pudding (I just added cocoa powder to the peanut butter pudding rather than making two flavors) and these peanut butter blondies (I’m not a fan of oat fiber so I subbed THM baking blend, and they are pretty delicious). Of course after writing a whole post about how much I love my daily exercise habit I totally fell off the wagon (I think we did two workouts the whole week). But no big, that’s what vacation is for after all. Still, I’m ready to hit it hard again this week. I also made a batch of crustless quiches baked in a muffin tin that my hubby and I can warm up to help save some time in the mornings.
Over vacation I finally managed to read Marie Kondo’s second book, Spark Joy, and now I want to organize All The Things. In case you haven’t heard of this particular minimalism fad, the Marikondo method urges you to sort through all of your belongings in a specific order, keeping only those things that “spark joy.” I read her first book, The Magical Power of Tidying Up, last summer, and got pretty close to finished but I lost steam sometime during the holiday season. I’m finishing up the “komono” category (basically “everything else” besides clothes, paper, and sentimental items). I finished tidying all our bathroom stuff (how did we accumulate so many half-used boxes of q-tips?) and medicine (we have enough children’s Tylenol to dose a preschool, so that’s good) and got about halfway through our outdoor toys/equipment this morning before the thunderstorms drove me inside.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Full disclosure, all these photos were taken with my iPhone, and I don’t think we got a single shot of our whole family the whole week. Oops. Ah well, moving forward. I have some fun update posts planned, including how I’m liking my bullet journal and what I’ve been reading lately. Do you have any vacation or staycation plans for the summer? Any stories about reality crashing your vacay party? Do tell! 🙂

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