Summer Recap

It’s been pretty quiet on the old blog for the last few weeks. Lots of reasons for this, but basically I’ve been too busy living life to write about it. 🙂 My parents ended up staying for the entire summer, which was so much fun.

Tessa is a fan of all food, especially Mimi’s milkshakes

We had lots of special outings and long afternoons playing outside (when it wasn’t scorching hot). I took ruthless advantage of the free babysitting and made countless trips to Walmart and Target alone, which as every mom of littles knows is mini-vacay. 😉 Mimi and Poppy left last week, and we are feeling their absence in a big way. Still, my brother (Uncle Matt) is here now permanently (he moved here from Oregon this spring), and we’ve already taken advantage of the pool at his apartment complex. We paid him back with a home-cooked dinner. 🙂 He is so wonderful at playing with the girls, and we are so thankful to have him so close now!

Independence Day fun

We took a staycation in June, and then my hubby got a new job (he’s working from home now! More on that adjustment later) and an unexpected week off before it started. We took advantage of the time to visit my cousins in Maumelle AR. It’s a mere three hour drive but we have yet to manage a visit since Charlotte was three months old. They had planned to come up last Christmas, but the stomach bug we came down with put an end to that plan. There are seven little girls between my two cousins and me, all between the ages of one and six. It made for some high drama, but also adorable and hilarious moments. They put on a concert featuring Christmas favorites on the Cinderella karaoke machine, played mermaid princesses at our hotel pool, had a naptime “slumber party” while watching Inside Out, and took the most glorious bubble bath in the big whirlpool tub. It was the stuff girl dreams are made of, and their excitement was rivaled by all the adults as we watched our girls get to know each other. Hopefully we won’t wait three years in-between visits next time!

princess concert

cousin friends

all the girls with Uncle Allen and Aunt Janet

post-bathing beauties

We had planned to take a beach vacation in early September, but after our trip to Maumelle I made the unprecedented suggestion to cancel it. The beach is absolutely my happy place, and I can’t wait to go back to the gorgeous white sand and sparkling clear water of the Florida panhandle. But the thought of packing up all the gear we’d need to take, plus four days total in the car with our very active toddler who does not appreciate being strapped down (she screamed for the last thirty minutes driving to Maumelle, causing us to miss the exit) put a damper on my enthusiasm. After our last rather disastrous trip to Galveston two years ago I’ve lowered my expectations for family “vacations,” realizing that sometimes it’s just more hassle than it’s worth. In the end we decided to postpone a beach trek until Tessa is a little older, when driving won’t be such torture for her.

A huge box really does make the best toy ever

As summer winds down we’re tried to soak in the last moments with trips to the splash pad, pool, playgrounds, and the county fair.

we had a great time at our church’s annual swim night, but the girls got a little cold at the end, hence C’s face
Backyard swimming in the wading pool

I’ve been filling my spare moments with reading, both old favorites and new ones (I’m excited to share them with you!) and compiling a list of picture books and read alouds to fuel our “preschool at home” time that I’m planning to institute this fall (details to come, unless it fails miserably. Either way I’ll let you know. 😉 ). We’ve lifted the ban on evening screen time since the Olympics are on, and it’s been so fun cheering on the USA and watching Charlotte’s excitement over the spectacle of it all. This is the first Olympics that she really understands, and she’s thrilled every time America wins gold. Her favorite events so far are women’s gymnastics and watching Katie Ledecky win gold.
School starts tomorrow for public schools around here, and Charlotte’s last year of Adventureland starts next week! I had planned to share our loose fall schedule in this post, but as usual I’ve rambled on so I guess I’ll have to make that a separate post. Have you had any summer adventures or beach trips? Please share, I’d love to live vicariously through you! 🙂
P.S. Most of these images are straight from my iPhone, un-cropped and unedited. Hope you don’t mind the unvarnished snapshots of our summer.

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