Farmhouse Fresh Fall Decor

As soon as the calendar turns over to September I get a hankering for all things pumpkin, flannel, and plaid. My fall wardrobe is hanging in my closet, begging to be worn, but with temperatures mostly in the high eighties during the day I’ve had to content myself with dressing my house for fall instead. I realize it’s been a while since I posted pictures of our living room, which has been through a few changes. We repainted the walls a lovely pale gray color last Christmas, and moved the furniture around a bit to make better use of our space. Right now there are books/toys/blankets all over the room and I’m too lazy to pick it up and style it and all of that, so I’m just going to give a few peeks and I’ll do a proper “room tour” another time.
Every year I try to use mostly seasonal decor I already have, and every year after a trip to Hobby Lobby and Home Goods I end up with several more new pieces than I meant to get. (Can anyone relate? Please tell me yes.)

This rustic farm harvest sign I found at HL became the focal point for my cozy farmhouse theme.

So what if we live in a cookie-cutter builder grade starter home? If I want to pretend to live in a centuries-old homestead that’s been in the family for generations, why shouldn’t I? 😉
I also tried to simplify so it doesn’t look like autumn just exploded in my living room, but it’s always hard to reign myself in. I tried to limit myself to the entry table, but somehow it spilled over to the top of my glass-fronted bookcase.

I just couldn’t resist the charm of this little wheelbarrow, which fit this felt pumpkin perfectly.

Then after finding this cozy plaid throw for the couch I needed new throw pillows too.

I went the cheap route and re-covered the existing pillows with floral and orange hounds-tooth material that I dug out of my fabric bin (it was a quick and easy project, well worth the sacrifice of a nap time).

 Of course the mantle needed a few touches of fall. Some vibrant (faux) foliage, a jar of “collected” pine cones and acorns, and some velvet pumpkins did the trick. I layered a fuzzy wool pom pom chain over a burlap bunting I’ve had for years for some extra texture (that’s what all the professionals do).

An old toolbox (Hobby Lobby) full of gourds (fake) makes a simple centerpiece on the dining table. (Please note the duplos and Charlotte hiding in the background. She did not appreciate me interrupting her play time to take this photo.)

For the final touch I remade this old wreath by adding some flannel fabric, berries, and a huge burlap bow I made last Christmas.

I adore the inviting, old-fashioned feel of our living space. It begs me to mix up a caramel latte and curl up with a good book while a gentle rain falls and the crisp autumn wind blows the leaves around our yard. Now if only the weather would cooperate. And if only we had some trees. Ah well, you can’t have everything, and I’m holding out hope that the temperatures will catch up with the calendar soon.
I almost didn’t write this post. I’m nowhere close to being a professional designer, and my photography skills leave much to be desired. When I compare my attempts at seasonal decorating to the professionals, (check out this beautiful home tour) they seem sadly lacking. But you know what, I love decorating for fall. And I’m proud of the cozy autumnal feel I’ve created for our home. Who cares if I found most of these decorations at Hobby Lobby, along with the rest of the country. One of the purposes of this blog is to share the things that are adding beauty to my life, and this certainly fits the bill. I hope you are encouraged to make your space happy and inviting. How do you celebrate the changing of the seasons? Do you love fall as much as I do, or are you still soaking up all the late summer warmth you can get?

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