Capsule Wardrobe: Part 2 – My Fall 2016 Wardrobe

As I said in part one of my capsule wardrobe post, I made my first capsule for winter 2016 using the clothes I already had in my closet. I didn’t love everything in it, but it was good practice and helped me realize how few clothing pieces I really needed to feel like I had plenty of cute outfits to wear. Each season I’ve been tweaking the number of items/types of clothing, and it really just takes practice to figure out what works, what I still don’t actually wear, and what I really feel great in.
For my fall capsule I narrowed it down to 33 items. This number doesn’t include shoes or accessories. I also didn’t count workout or lounge wear/pajamas. I also don’t include my “foundation” pieces (bras, undies, camisoles, and leggings) since I would never wear those without something over them (I am firmly of the Jen Hatmaker school of thought when it comes to leggings as pants; not ok unless you are pregnant).
Short-sleeved tops: 8

Most of these came from LOFT or Thread Up. I realized when I was making my capsule that I needed to include more short-sleeved shirts than long-sleeved, thanks to the delightful Arkansas fall climate (50s-60s in the morning and evenings, 70-80s during the day). I went with half neutrals (gray and cream) and half colored. The floral yellow blouse is not something I ever would have tried on in a store, but when I was scrolling through Thread Up the print caught my eye. It was cheap enough to take a chance on so I did, and I love it! It’s not a good idea to have a whole capsule full of trendier statement pieces like this since it makes mixing and matching more challenging, but I think it’s important to have a few to make your wardrobe feel fresh and interesting.
Long-Sleeved Tops: 7

Again these are lighter weight to accommodate our warmer fall weather, and I stayed mostly neutral with a few pops of color/print. I find if I stay consistent even within my neutral pallet it’s much easier to pull an outfit together quickly. LOFT, Thread Up, and Old Navy all provided a great selection of comfy but flattering basics to choose from. I’m so thankful that so many current styles are mom-body friendly – not skin tight, but not shapeless either (if you want to avoid looking frumpy it’s important to avoid dressing in sack-like clothes, trust me on this one).
Bottoms: 6

Unsurprisingly, jeans make up the core of my pant collection. They are just so darn versatile, especially nowadays when they come in every wash and fit under the sun. I included two pair of crops for warmer days (I had no idea they would look so funny to photograph) along with my trusty dark skinnies and some distressed rockstar fit jeans from Old Navy. I love these black leggings from Thread Up because they are a little thicker than normal leggings and can almost work as pants (never fear, I always follow JH’s guidelines and make sure my booty is covered). I don’t know how much I’ll wear the maxi skirt, but I included it just in case.
Dresses/Tunics: 5

The short dress/tunic trend is my favorite, and I hope it sticks around for a long, long time. I’m too tall to be able to wear the cute sundresses that show up every summer (I just can’t pull off a thigh high mini) but put a pair of leggings and some riding boots with a thigh-skimming top and I am good to go. I tried not to go too crazy and buy all the tunics, but these two prints from Old Navy were just too cute to pass up. My favorite though is that white striped t-shirt dress that is absolutely the most comfortable thing I own. Lou and Gray for LOFT.

Completer pieces:

This catagory is such a game-changer when it comes to making as many outfits as possible out of your capsule basics. I think I first heard the term “completer” on What Not To Wear (one of my all-time favorite shows, although I never thought they made their $5,000 stretch very far). Stacey London loved a tailored jacket, but that’s just not my style. I define a completer as anything you can layer over a basic top to change the look of an outfit. It includes sweaters and cardigans obvs, but also can be a button-down shirt, structured jacket, or those super fun, flowy kimonos that you are seeing everywhere these days (I bought mine off Amazon for $14 and get compliments every time I wear it).
Shoes and accessories

I don’t include these in my official number, but they are both so important when it comes to changing up the look of your outfit. I tend to stick with neutral colors for shoes (gold, brown, and gray in this case) and use accessories to add pops of color. I got both of these scarves at LOFT, and they conveniently match almost every item in my wardrobe. The blue floral one was on sale for $6!!
So that’s it, my entire selection of clothing that I will wear until December. I have a self-imposed buying freeze on clothing until then, which definitely helps the budget! In my next post I will show you some of the outfits I can make with a few of these key pieces and share some advice for how to make your own capsule wardrobe. Anyone else love a good completer piece or find a fun statement addition to their fall wardrobe? Any other What Not to Wear fans out there? 

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