our new house: part 2 – selling our old home

firsthousecollage2Time for an update on our housing situation! (See part 1 here) Against all odds our new build is proceeding on schedule. The exterior brick is finished, we have drywall, tile, cabinets, and trim, and our counter tops were scheduled to be installed yesterday. We are getting weekly updates from our builder, and are still set to close at the end of August.

Hubby and I took a quick getaway to Branson last week for our anniversary. We had delicious food, spent time relaxing by the pool, took in a movie (Wonder Woman, so good but sad), and even hit the roller coasters after dark at Silver Dollar City! #partyanimals We felt like kids again, and by the time my parents brought the girls up to us a couple days later we were rested and recharged. We did SDC again with the kiddos, more swimming, and headed home Saturday. It was the perfect rest, exactly what we needed before jumping into some major transitions and stressful circumstances in the upcoming weeks.

The first step was listing our house. We made an appointment with our realtor to sign our seller’s agreement and the official listing papers Sunday night, then spent the day deep cleaning and checking off some last minute home improvement projects. While we were in Branson we took the opportunity to have the floors professionally cleaned, which worked out perfectly. The carpet was mostly dry when we got home, and we had moved all the small items and furniture into the garage so we just left it all there. Our realtor, Brandon, hammered a for sale sign into our yard and added a “coming soon” label. He couldn’t get the photographer scheduled until Thursday, so Chris (my husband) took matters into his own hands and photographed the house himself. Brandon put the listing together and it went live Monday night.selling1I had expected the process of listing and showing the house to be stressful, and it did feel like a bit of whirlwind. By Tuesday morning we already had a showing scheduled, then got two more requests that evening for afternoon showings on Wednesday. Unfortunately they wanted to come right in the middle of nap time, so my dear friend who lives around the corner let us hang out at her house for the afternoon. Tessa was a champ, playing happily until we got home at 3pm and went down without a fuss. Huge relief. We kind of expected late afternoon/evening showings too, but thankfully we were able to eat dinner uninterrupted.IMG_3278We already had another showing scheduled for Thursday afternoon when we got a text from Brandon Wednesday night that he had heard we were about to get an offer. We took a walk and nervously discussed our options, what to do if the offer was too low, or should we accept if they asked for closing costs. The wait felt like an eternity, but just as we were getting Charlotte settled for bed we got the call. It was a full priced offer, no contingencies, with a closing date set for just after we are supposed to close on our new house. The only thing they wanted was to keep our refrigerator (oh darn, have to get a new fridge ;)). It felt too good to be true. We knew that houses in our neighborhood/price range were selling like hot cakes, but it was hard to believe until it happened! We took the evening to talk/pray/think about it, then accepted the offer Thursday morning. And just like that, forty-eight hours and three showings after listing, we are under contract!!IMG_3307After nearly six months of thinking about and preparing to sell our house, I hardly know what to do with myself. No more pressing home projects to tackle, no need to tidy every closet or obsessively clear clutter constantly. It’s kind of a strange feeling, like being stuck in limbo. Not that I’m complaining! Of course we still have a few hurdles ahead of us…inspection, final loan approval, and the completion and inspection of our new home on time. Plenty of opportunity for stress and drama. But we are just so thankful and overwhelmed by how smoothly everything has gone up to this point. Now I can focus on packing every ounce of fun that I can into these last couple weeks before school starts!

Have any of you moved recently? Did it go smoothly or not so much? Any helpful hints or tips for packing? All advice is welcome, and I’d love to hear your experiences!

2 thoughts on “our new house: part 2 – selling our old home

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and have been enjoying reading about you and your family. I think you are really close to the area I live. We often go to Branson for vacation and just some fun. We (my family) are scattered around Joplin Mo.


    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks so much for your comment! We are definitely in your neck of the woods! 😊 It’s been a crazy few weeks as we completed our move and the sale of our old house, but I’m hoping to post an update soon! Stay tuned. 😊


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