Our New House: part 3 – home tour

I don’t feel ready to share this post with you yet, but I’m doing it anyway. There will always be projects to finish and decorating to tweak, especially in a new house, and I don’t want to wait until everything is “done” because that day will probably never come. Most of our things are unpacked, our new sofas are in place (I’m so in love), and I even broke into my “fall decor” bin to bring an autumnal feel to our space. So enough stalling. Here we go!newhome2Here it is, the finished product! Isn’t she pretty? πŸ™‚ Most of the houses in the neighborhood went with dark trim for contrast, but I really love how the lighter trim and door look so bright and welcoming. I have grand plans for our little “courtyard” (in front of the window with the rod iron railing). It’s not quite a front porch but it’s close enough for me to add some weatherproof decor, which I’m excited about.Β newhome1

One of the first DIY’s I did for this house was put together a new wreath for the front door. I bought a huge grapevine wreath at HL (so cheap) and added some fall touches from my craft stash.DSC05617The front door opens onto this long, pretty dark entry hall. The tray ceiling is very grand (we actually got it for free! It was an upgrade that we didn’t pick, but the builders framed it out by mistake so we got to keep it!). I’m on the hunt for the perfect pendent light to add…an over-sized lantern perhaps? We will also add an entry bench and coat hook/shelf to make the space more welcoming to guests.

Directly to the right off this hall are our girls’ rooms and bathroom. They weren’t exactly clean when I snapped these photos, but I’m determined so show real life here!

Down the hall and to the left are the laundry/mudroom, my husband’s office, and a half bath. I can’t believe how much a third bathroom has added to our quality of life…especially during the brief period where my youngest was trying to potty train herself (long story, but let’s just say we won’t be leaving the pull-ups behind any time soon). It’s so nice to have a bathroom for guests that I don’t have to worry about the girls’ sharing. Their bathroom is very small, and I’m struggling with finding the best way to add some storage. Stay tuned for a “make-over” post in the near future. πŸ˜‰ I’ve really done nothing to the half bath besides adding extra toilet paper and some soap, and the office currently houses several opened but not yet empty boxes.

newhome4Onward to the true living space. There is definitely a reason open concept living is so popular (besides Fixer-Upper). I love living together in this one big space, it just feels so spacious and open.

newhome5The dining space is big enough that we can keep the leaf in our table so that it comfortably seats eight, where in our old space it was a super tight fit to get everyone around it. No more fighting chair backs to open the pantry or walk through to the kitchen either! I took advantage of this one big blank wall to re-hang my beloved gallery art, and I think it works perfectly.Β newhome6It is a little challenging to make an open floor plan feel cozy, but we’re getting there. I ordered this rug from Wayfair, and was initially disappointed in the color (brighter than the deep navy I was hoping for) but it has grown on me and now I love it. Quick side note about the sofas – I had no idea buying couches would be so hard! We didn’t like anything from the big box stores around us, except for the Pottery Barn collections, and they are so darn expensive! I just couldn’t justify spending that much on fabric furniture when we still have a toddler in the house. We expanded our search on-line, and in the end went with the most commonly recommended, the Ikea Ektorp. Although I love a beautiful white sofa and lots of bloggers justify buying one because it’s a slipcover, my practical side won out and we went with this dark gray.

Excusing my photo-booming dog. At least she’s cute.

Having so few walls is also a challenge, but we’ve made it work by floating one of the sofas and two ottomans in the middle of the room. A hidden outlet in our floor under the couch definitely helps so we can have a lamp and charge our laptops (they are tucked away inside that gray side table).newhome14I initially planned to put an entertainment center on this wall opposite the kitchen to house our TV, books, decor, etc. But there are three small windows in the wall above and I just couldn’t find anything the right height that was affordable. We ended up buying this TV console from Wayfair instead. I actually am having lots of fun decorating around it. The blue strip of painter’s tape will eventually be a shelf (my handyman dad is on vacation).Β newhome7I am so in love with our fireplace. We are one of the few who went with the corner fireplace option rather than centered between the living room and dining space. It gives me more flexibility in furniture arrangement and makes the living space feel larger and cozier at the same time, if that makes any sense. I’m also having fun decorating my much longer mantle!Β newhome15

This brings us to one of my very favorite spaces in our hew house…newhome9The kitchen! Can we just gaze for a minute at that island? And the miles of counters and cabinets? And that classic but updated subway tile back splash? That door to the left leads to a walk-in pantry. Sometimes I feel like I’ve died and gone to Fixer-Upper heaven. It’s at least three times the size of our old kitchen, not even counting the island. I bought the bar stools from Target (so affordable!) and they add the exact “modern farmhouse” touch I was looking for. We eat most of our breakfasts and lunches at the bar, it’s just so convenient. Even my youngest can get up and down off them with the help of her daisy stool. πŸ™‚ I do insists that we sit down at the dining table for dinners (we’re so formal).

On the other side of the kitchen, in literally the opposite corner of the house from the girls’ rooms, is our master suite.Β newhome11We haven’t done much in here other than setting up the bed and nightstands (which I’m planning on changing out ASAP).Β newhome12We did buy this awesome rustic shelf (Wayfair) so I have somewhere to put my decor and hide my paperbacks (my entire Elizabeth Peters collection is in that burlap box on the bottom. I have visions of super cozy reading nook/hideway for myself in the opposite side of the room, but for now it looks like this:DSC05630Just keeping it real.Β newhome13Our master bath is a lovely spa retreat (I sound like I’m on the “after” portion of a home improvement show) and our master closet is so big we call it our fifth bedroom. πŸ™‚

And that’s it! We do have a huge covered patio in the backyard, but right now it’s covered with a hodgepodge of outdoor toys and cardboard boxes. It’s not very high on my priority list, but by next summer it should be a lovely outdoor oasis. πŸ˜‰

This was a super long post, and I’m not offended if you just scrolled through to look at the pictures. Thanks for going on this new home journey with me! I will occasionally be sharing some home decor/improvement updates in the future, in case anyone is interested. πŸ˜‰

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